Black Poetry : Traveled Widely

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    Like a general I advance troops to get the chance to shoot

    The enemy in the vicinity got a true mission from a group

    Of new positions, try force satisfaction battle be my course

    Of action, permitted to pay debt on time by financial source

    just to get online got threats on my mind, “hello secretary

    I need the morning paper been a warning gas vapor can carry

    Dangerous inhalants, and assailments are to be shot onsite”

    “ok sir I’ll pass it on fast and strong arm the troops ready to fight

    But a very phony ceremony could set us back and in all rights

    Get us attack so we strapped with grenades and bayonet blades

    Sir battle is a priceless mystery wanna a decisive victory shades

    Of blood don’t like pathetic pimps so I make an energetic attempt

    To duck their territory it’s a corrupt story behind being a wimp

    Friction rattles when there’s a recognition battle Goodyear blimp

    Float in space hope to place rubber on my ride a lover of pride

    When I cruise smooth down interstates become a winner tied

    With fate” “yeah feel you but look the weather will get better

    Right now wetter than usual, have to plan my trip and forever

    Correct this manuscript must become an editor in grammar and

    Not a predator with glamour, one feeble desire equal one fire plan

    For you to move and help me warn the committees on farms and in

    Cities that there’s a sign of life even though time is strife lets begin

    To look up, because life is a nightly flight that is slightly to the right

    Have to be straight to land, need a great plan to know your true height