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    Jan 22, 2001
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    It's like the point of no return//
    where brothers get killed and brothers be killin//
    brothers be chillin on the block mentally touching ceilings//
    im trapped like robbing a bank and getting surrounded by cops//
    this is a nightmare but this the type of dream that don't stop//
    and won't stop until I make a change//
    until I break the chain of my people doing the same thang stuck in the game//
    either you gon live or get bust in tha brain//
    I choose life even though I fill nothing will change//
    My Father why did you ever put a brother on earth?//
    my brothers are being extinct theirs not a reason for birth//
    we killing each other//
    and like Columbus we just discover//
    that when think you've killed another it be really your brother//
    and your mother crying and boo wooin//
    don't ever worry about another mans gain brother worry about what you doin//
    up in the game//
    we all the same//
    but different names//
    and people claim//
    that we insane//
    up in the game//
    so I guess my people won't change.

    and that's why im trapped.