Black Spirituality Religion : Translated from French

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    Translated from French

    According to the Bible (Genesis XII 1-6): "the first white races who arrived in Canaan have found a black civilized Canaanites (Phoenicians) descendants of Canaan, brother of the Egyptiana Mistraim Kush and the Ethiopia, all sons of ham, the biblical ancestor of Negroes. The Phoenicians were great sailors, the Mediterranean shipping lanes were under their domination. Phoenician (Canaan) was more ancient than a millennium when first mentioned Once the word Israel (at the 19th Egyptian Dynasty). The Canaanites (Phoenicians to the Greeks and Carthaginians to the Romans are just black people, as outlined in the book of Colette Charles-Picard and Gilbert (Daily Life of Carthage at the time of Hannibal, Hachette).
    "...None of these faces does a so-called Semitic, the long face, aquiline nose, or crooked, swollen to the skull above the neck as one would expect to find in a Phoenician colony...The anthropological analysis of skeleton's found in graves prove that there was no ethnic unity, the guy say it does not meet Semitic more than Sidon there...The majority of the population seems to have Punic African ancestors were *******, which she kept her curly hair, how forehead, his lisp...It seems that women and perhaps men have not hesitated to get a tatoo...The cheeks are streaked with horizontal stripes that recall the body paintings of Negroes and Polynesians..."​
    The excavations conducted by German and French Felting Dina Pierre Miroschedji 2000 confirm that in the late fourth millennium (-4000) and early third millennium (-3000) before our era, black Africans dominated the region Canaan..."

    In his book Black Athena volume III Martin Bernal, confirms the presence of black Africans (11,000 years before our era) in Palestine in Anatolia (Turkey), Macedonia and the people we spoke Natoufeenee as follows:

    "...Natufian culture played important role in year The Creation of Southwest Asian agriculture...An early development of agriculture in southwest Asia. Can be seen from African and skeletal features painted images and Natufians among early farmers (Gatalhoyuk and Nea Nikomedia)..."

    "The culture Natoufeenne played an important role in the development of agriculture in Southwest Asia... An early development of agriculture in the south-west Asia can be discerned with the skeletons and images with features found among African Natoufeens and also among the first farmers of Catalhoyuk (central Anatolia) and Nikomedia Nea (Greece, Central Macedonia)" This leads us to say that it is with this black population that will mix with nomadic tribes creating a mixed Phoenician people.
    N n In the book "The cultural unity of black Africa by Cheikh Anta Diop confirms this by saying:

    "After many vicissitudes the Canaanites and the north-eastern tributes symbolized by Abraham and his descendants (Isaac's lineage) merged to become, with time, the Hebrew people of today."​

    Cadmus king of Phoenicia, is the founder about Egyptian City of Thebes in Boeotia. The tributes paid annual show contrary to what we wanted to believe that Phoenicia that time was part of Egypt. During the reign of Thutmose's II Phoenicia Egypt provides the equipment necessary for the maintenance of ports: would for building ships is provided by Lebanon and the agricultural plains resupply the garrison of the pharaoh.

    As in his book "History of Ancient People of the East" Gaston Maspero confirms that: "The Phoenicians were the one who had most benefited from the Egyptian conquest. The task of the center and south, Gebel (Byblos) and Berouth (Beirut), Sidon and Tyre, had been more resigned to their fates, since time of Thutmose I to Ramses II and one of them had earned their resignation benefits seriously. Sailers practiced the trade commission in Egypt on behalf of foreign and overseas on behalf of Egypt.

    Constitutionally economic, social, and especially religious Phoenicia is very close to Egypt. Indeed, Eusebius tells us that the Phoenicians is the union of Bohu (chaos) and Ruach (breath) that was born on Chephets is to say, the desire behind all creation. As for the Egyptians the world was created from the Nun (uncreated chaotic matter, primordial ocean), and D will be leaving the Nun descent to Osiris, Isis and Horus ancestors of the Egyptians. We find in the Phoenician cosmogony of the ancestors of the Egyptians as" Misora which generate Taaut (inventor of Letters and Science) who will actually be the god Thoth of the Egyptians, Osiris and Canaan and the ancestor of the Phoenicians.

    According to Cheikh Anta Diop: "the history of Phoenicia is therefore incomprehensible that if one ignores the biblical data that the Phoenicians_ie: Canaanites_were originally Negros already civilized which came to mingle, later tributes nomadic and uneducated whites."​

    In ancient Canaanite origin negro had never asked, because they (Arabs, Jews, Greeks) all confirmed in their holy books.
    so the original Kush-ite (Negro) people Egyptians and Phoenicians is further proof, because as we know it is: an obvious similarity between their cosmogony, a fraternal bond and the texts of Ras-Shamra (Ugarit) reveal that the ancestors of the Phoenician nation came from Egypt.

    In his third book Diodorus of Sicily tells us: "Dionysius, which has preserved the ancient mythology. This author deals with Bacchus, the Amazons and th Argonauts, the Trojan War and many other features. He also picked up in his book the testimony of ancient poets and mythologies. He says that Linus was the first among the Greeks who invented the verse and music, like the Phoenician Cadmus introduced the first in Greek letters that were know only Phoenicians. They gave their names and formed characters that have been used since. They called the Phoenician letters because they were brought from Phoenicia into Greek and then because the Pelagian are the first in which they have been in use."

    Diodorus of Sicily confirms first book in these terms that the Chaldeans of Mesopotamia were also originally from Egypt:

    "In many colonies were spread from Egypt throughout the world. In fact the Babylon, which is held Belos son of Poseidon and Libya, led settlers (Egyptians), installed along the Euphrates, it instituted the priests he exempted from taxes and discharged from all public service, like those Egypt are those that the Babylonians called Chaldeans. They took care to observe the stars like the priests and physicists Egypt and also their astrologers "(...) They say (the Egyptians) as well as the Chaldeans of Babylon, settlers, originally from the Egyptians, are known in astrology as they followed the teaching of priests Egyptians."​

    Greek traditions relate the facility around 1450BC Egyptian colonies in Greece. Thus, it Danus (Egyptos brother) who taught agriculture and metallurgy (iron) to the Greeks. This era is described as the passage of knowledge from the Egyptian-Phoenician Civilization (black) to Greece. People the sea, the Phoenicians must installing colonies in Africa and Western countries of Europe.

    In "Civilization or Barbarism" England's Megalithic period strongly influenced Negroid Egyptian-Phoenician in fact, the first sailing Phoenician Sidonian of the Bronze Age are contemporary XVIII Egyptian dynasty, the Phoenicians, Egyptians and brokers subjects, tin fetched Sicilly Islands is to say in England."

    Diodorus Siculus Book: 3, 4, 5
    Cheikh Anta Diop: civilization or Barbarism
    Cheikh Anta Diop: Negro Nation and Culture
    Martin Bernal black Athena III
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    very interesting.

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