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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Waiting......always waiting
    For that one moment, that would change my life forever
    Waiting......always waiting
    For that one special man
    That would change my heart forever.
    Listening to the rhythm of the
    Iron wheels on the steel track
    A speck of blue cataches my eye
    I look up and my heart skips a beat
    My, my, my what do my eyes spy?
    Destiny has brought to me
    A moment.......
    As I slowly peruse
    Temptations surprise
    I look into the eyes of my fate
    And in that moment
    Our souls connect, Our hearts engage
    The timeless tango of love played out in a gaze
    An instant turns to seconds
    seconds into minutes, minutes into hours
    hours into a lifetime
    that's how long I've known him
    a lifetime of love, tears, joy.......Waiting......always waiting
    For that one moment, that would change my life forever
    Waiting......always waiting

    For that one special woman
    That would change my heart forever.
    As I read the morning paper
    My soul begins to stir
    What is this disturbance
    That has aroused my inner being
    A sense of peace and tranquility
    tinged with emotions of passion
    I look across the aisle
    Behold she whom my heart hath longed for
    known you since my infancy
    Yet I knew not who you were
    Soul tied together
    Bonds that destined to last forever
    Eyes meet
    spiritual lovemaking begun......
    Passionate embrace of heart, mind and soul
    Be the bride of my dreams
    the love of my heart

    For destiny has brought us here
    For a reason, for a purpose, Can love have a purpose?
    Or is it mearly fate.....kismet
    Who are you? This man I see before me
    Are you my dream come true?
    My other half, my lifemate?
    The lover I knew I always had....
    Although we are aisles apart
    I can feel your strong arms
    Surrounding me
    I can feel your heart beat strong against my breast.
    Your gaze searing my soul with the flames of passion
    Who are you?
    The king to my queen, the ruler of our destiny
    My stop is next........should I go?

    Should I stay and let nature take its course
    Should I make this fantasy our reality
    The gleam of the sun reflecting from you eyes
    draws me into the depthness of your heart
    I am lost in you
    Yet I can't explain
    I know you, yet I don't
    I have waitied for you all my life
    envisioned taking you into my arms
    never letting go
    rising higher
    into an eternal vortex
    of passion and love delight
    I call for you in my mind
    kiss you in my dreams
    make love to you in my fantasies
    I peer out of the window
    train station in view
    as we rise from our seats
    this is our chance to realize our dreams
    fulfill fantasies
    meet destiny head on
    As we approach the door
    the scent of your perfume
    enchants my soul
    taking control of my every thought
    we stare at each other finally face to face
    eye to eye
    heart to heart
    and then as if the invisible hand of fate
    pulls us in opposite directions
    we go our seperate ways
    yet not altogether sad
    for the out of body experience we shared
    lovemaking on another plain
    while riding on Love's Train
    no not sad, but anticipation growing
    for we know that there's always the ride home.