Black Entertainment : Trailer: Indie Drama 'Cronies' (Executive Produced by Spike Lee) Opens This

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    Following the theatrical premiere of Spike Lee's new joint ("Chi-Raq") comes news that an indie feature he executive produced will be getting a one-week exclusive theatrical run, opening this Friday, December 11th, in NYC, at the Made in NY Media Center in IFP Screen Forward.

    Titled "Cronies," the drama made its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in its NEXT <=> section. From director and screenwriter Michael Larnell, the film follows Louis (George Sample III) and Jack (Zurich Buckner), 2 young men who've been friends since childhood, who find that friendship challenged, with the introduction of Andrew (Brian Kowalski), a new friend of Louis'.

    From Sundance's writeup on the film: "In his first feature, writer/director/producer Michael J. Larnell catches a universal moment, then makes it completely and utterly his own. The three young actors crackle with energy—kinetic, potential, everything—their moves and words curved by the distinctive lope of urban St. Louis. Growing up is something we do on our own, but that doesn't mean we can't do it next to someone we love."

    As noted, the film is executive produced by Spike Lee.

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