Black Short Stories : Tragic pt 1

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    "Zora!" Zora starred in space. Day dreaming as she usually did,about her future, dreams, fantisies, or anything that came to her mind. Dreaming her promising year of finishing nursing school at 1, her new baby on the way and Walker finishing his bachelor degree. Aiming high to be a lawyer.
    "Zora" Walker called her name again. Zora came stomping angrily out her room comming in the living room seeing her mother sewing some new socks for Zora's unborn baby.
    "Boy what's all that their fussin bout?" Zora looking at Walker with her hands on her hips. Giving Walker the eviliest eye. Walker just smilied. Walker had a beautiful smile. aThe one that made you forget if he made you mad why you was mad. With his little afro, brown complextion like a shinny accorn.
    "Just wanna see my chile" Rubbing on Zora's stomachg. Zora tried to push him away, but he put his arms around him. Zora angered melted away forgetting why she was mad. Her mama watched happily."At least they have something to be happy about these days." Thinking about how her and Gracin was when they where that young. Died the month before Zora graduated from high school. Shot, or at least that what was told by the sheriff. Because of the groccery store they owned.
    "Mama, Walker wanna take me to the movies is that all right?" Her mother nodded.
    " Be homeby 12 ya hear?"
    " Yes'm." Just as they where about to walk out, her mother notice how short her dress was.
    "Zora it be chilly out there, go get yo' self a jacket." Zora shook her head.
    "Huh yes'm" Smiling her mother as she went in her room to get her sweater. And her and Walker headed outside to his father's old red Ford. As usual Walker opened the door for her. and followed her in. As they drove, she noticed how quiet Walker was extremely quiet as they drove to the movies which was a long ride.
    "Walker baby what's wrong?" Zora asked worriedly.Walker just drove as if he didn't hear her question.
    "Walker what's wrong?" Raising her voice sligthtly. Walker sighed wondering how he was going to tell her about her brother's situation.
    "Walker!" She wailed seriously concerned.Walker took a deep breath and told Zora what was on her mind.
    "Zora, Ricky in trouble" Zora didn't understand."What could Rickey Lee be in trouble for? He was on the honor role and kept to himself. He gave nobody any trouble." Thinking to herself.
    "Rickey Lee in trouble? He jus as quiet as church mouse! What trouble could he cause?" Zora chuckled with confusion. But Walker was as serious as a heart attack.
    "He messin wit a white gurl"Zora heart dropped. She remembered what her cousin in Mississippi told her about how they kill black people for doin that. Boy or .They didn't care. You can't be mixing the races. That was like mixing oil and vinager. Something that was too unrealistic in this time of day.
    "Walker they gona kill that boy if they find out. You gotta tell yo mama.This ain't right Walker! This ain't right!" Tears flowing down Zora eyes as she pleaded with Walker.
    "I can't Zora " Looking hurtful as he drove down the road.
    "Why not" She whinned punching her hand against the seat.
    "Because all mama goin do is make it worse. Rickey he at that age where nobody can tell he wrong. I talk to him. All he say is times done change. Ain't no black gurl goin love me like no whiter gurl. He don't relieze jus cause we's segregrated don't mean they see us a equal as them. They see us as ******* the same! Times ain't change that much, jus cause it be 1970 don't mean nothin! We still got to work 3 times as hards as whites! Even if we talks like the white man and got to the white man's school. In they eyes they see me as an uppity nigguah with an education. I pray to God that a change gona come and that a white gurl won't be the reason my bruthah won't see 17!"
    Zora listen to Walker's speech not taking her eyes off him.Seeing how much he loved hs brother seeing the passion in his eyes. Agreeing with every word he spoke. With all that talking they didn't relize that they where at the movie theater. An old classic was playing"The Wizard of Oz" Neither one could pay attention.
    "Walker I'm ready to go" She spoke vaugely.Walker didn't argue and parked out the parkingl lot At first it was silent but then Zora broke the silence:
    "Walker who Rickey Lee be seen? What white gurl he be seein?" She asked out of courisousity.
    "Mr. Whitiker's daughter." Zora became queasy. Mr.Whitiker was the most redneck man in the state of North Carolina. Member of the KKK. ored to have helped Zora's father but he know that he had killed him. She never told Walker the truth about her father's . Not even her mother knows the truth. A cold wicked chill ran through Zora's spine.
    "Zora ya aight?" Zora tried to hide her face and her tears.
    "That man is pure evil" Zora thought to herself. She remembered the night her father was killed. She and her cousin Sticks found her daddy. He was barley alive crawling through the grass.With cuts all around his body and running through his mouth and his left arm cut off bleeding with his long stripped shirt drainning the .With his left breaths he told Zora Mr. Whitiker and the other member had done this because of the store. He breath heavily trying to get air in his body. Then BOOM. Mr. Whitiker shot and killed him right there.
    "Don't ya ever tell nobody or I'll kill ya the same way both ya !" Zora remember holding her 7 year old cousin in her arms as he looked helplessly at his uncle.
    "Zora baby ya airight?" She nodded her head. But no she wasn't alright. Rickey was in trouble and couldn't do nothing about it. Walker knew something was wrong. And it angered him deep inside that she was keeping something from him. He didn't bother to ask what was wrong with her. They rode the rest of the way in silence. As they reached Zora's home, he did his uusual routine opened the car door for her and they walked to her porched and they sat on the swing. Zora was on the opposite side of the swing rubbing her stomach looking at the stars. She was distant. The stars glowed on her face showing the tears rolling down her face. He came to other side helping her rub their unborn child. She was 4 months and you couldn't even tell she was pregnant because of her size.
    "Zora." He whispered in her ear. "I know something wrong,but you don't have to tell me. You can when ya ready." Zora took one look at the stars and looked her stomach:
    "I hope life be betta fo ya then it was fo me." Walker sparked up and spoke to her stomach:
    "I'll make sure of it! No one ain't gona judge yah cause ya a ******. I make sure yah gets a good education! Have yah selves a good educvation! Haves a big yard to play in chile. Yo mama ain't goin work as yo grandma and grandpa. Pickin cotten and cleanin for the white man. yah goin be as smart as yo mama and as her too. Zora became more comfortable thing bout her chile made her forget about her troubles. Almost.
    To be continued....................................
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    very nicely done love the first part of this story deep read
    pt. 2 please !!!!