Black People : Tragedy and Dog****

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    Tragedy and Dog****

    A tragedy is upon us, like no tragedy we have ever known. Down here, hurricanes have become almost blasé. On Monday morning when I went to bed, they said that the trouble was half over, the scattered rain and intensely high winds, aside, I fell asleep, without any electricity, secure in the knowledge that once again Louisiana was, thankfully spared the worse of another of natures tumults.

    Later that night, as I awaken to frantic phone calls from friends and family, who had sat sentry through the previous night and all next day, hitting the redial button; concerned with my well-being, I was happy to announce that I was fine, and my family was doing well, and I was thankful that they had blessed me by being in my life. I got off the phones, and said a quick prayer to God for watching over all of us,… then I turned on the television.

    Katrina had passed, but in her wake, she had left a crumbling levee, a washed out interstate, and hundreds of thousands of people trapped in drowning cities.

    I sat, transfixed to the screen, as people waded in chest high water, or laid on hot roof tops, waving makeshift white flags of surrender . As the numbness of not knowing what to do held me to the couch, my mind wondered, when and if help would ever come?

    Maybe God heard the tears that my mind cried, because soon, there was some help on the horizon as helicopters let down ropes that held baskets pulling people up and out to safety; and boats made trips picking up survivors. I was told that buses were at the ready and manned to go in on survival missions…

    But, still, cries of desperation were heard through the blanket of help, and I heard myself saying to the tired and worn faces on the screen,” just hold on, help is on the way, you have to hold on.”

    I found it so strange, no one could get out or in, yet, reporters got in. Where was the food? People were dying. Where were the Doctors and Nurses? Hey, maybe I am a conspiracy theorist - but something began to gnaw at me; this was not right.

    It did not take long for me to find out why I got that gnawing feeling. Soon, the pictures of the suffering and dying and the help that was coming got lost in the all too familiar and dangerous media hype. Now, all we were inundated with were stories of “looters.” Yet, all they were showing were people breaking into stores taking food, and water, and juice, diapers. . . You know to survive. You understand, the same thing some Cop was on the television saying they had to do, uh, to survive.

    Oh, and how the haters hated that. Law and order, they called for now. I mean why let some young woman with a small baby have some food and water? Jail Time!

    Quickly, those pictures, that just could not get the ire up of normal folk, regressed into “looters” going in for high end items - t-shirts and sneakers, from Foot Locker; or Tvs from Walmart. Shoot on sight, our Governor said. . . Kill’em?

    Okay, I digress, I can’t even go there; I mean, what in the hell are you going to do with Tvs and sneakers - unless your feet were bare? I don’t get this, why go for those kinds of things? The cries of jail time in these cases, are just, but killing them?

    Then came the stories of shootings and raping, and reports of regular citizens fighting back with the criminals. . . Doing the job of the missing police and national guard; and then everywhere there were shootings… all unsubstantiated of course… and We all know that in a place where 60% of the folk are Black, you best to afraid! I mean, all those Black folk sitting in the heat for days, and watching as people all around them die, you best start running.

    They have police and National Guard manning stores around New Orleans after concerts and ballgames, but there was no need in a city that was falling apart?

    Even down here, in Baton Rouge, there was mass rioting going on, and at a local Walmart, they were running trains on women in restrooms, and somehow a gang of hoodlums from here, and a gang of hoodlums from New Orleans - all on bikes had all but destroyed a local McDonald’s! Of course this made the news, and my sister called from work, upset, as gleeful co-workers gave hourly updates on all the Negro Mayhem.

    But, to give credit where it is due; it did not take the news stations down here long to tell us that all of what was reported was nothing more than lies. . .

    Lies made up, and perpetuated by Dog****ters, and believed by Dog**** kind.

    Now, I expect nothing from places like Fox News and CNN; I mean once upon a time I even believed that Greta Van Sustern was fair-minded. I expect them to focus on a few people stealing, rather than those dying, and pretend that that is the reason no help is coming to the hundreds of thousands of people literally dying, before Our eyes, for help.

    I expect nothing from Black Dog****ters, and one Dog****ter in particular - LaShawn Barber, who said that the looters should be killed.

    "Law and order is disintegrating, and it’s only going to get worse. People are stealing firearms, computers, televisions, jewelry — the formation of roaming, pillaging, and raping gangs isn’t far behind. I imagine it would be difficult to point a gun at someone carrying a bag of food, water, diapers, and a crying baby in his arms. I know that people are hungry, thirsty, frustrated and desperate. Some survivors might be stealing guns to protect their families from other looters, but someone has to draw a line somewhere. As tensions rise, chaos will increase. I hope the worst dissipates before anyone is shot, but law enforcement must protect people and enforce the law, even if it means shooting looters on sight."

    Maybe, if she put the bottle down, and the fork for a as many days as some of these people have been suffering and trying to survive, nah, the Black KKK and people of that ilk (Black Republicans and some conservatives), are not even worth it. I say shoot that drunk *****.

    But one of the most obvious Dog****ter’s is the AP news organizations, and it’s blatant racism:

    White Folks Find, Black Folks Loot?
    A photo story about white folks, with backpacks: "Two residents wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, Louisiana."

    A photo story about a young black guy, with plastic bag: "A young man walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Flood waters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did extensive damage when it made landfall on Monday."

    Maybe if We can get away from all the Dog****, stinking up everything: Cable News, fake “Journalists,” and ignorant Black folk… just maybe we could help these people.

    We have to come together as a people. It is quite obvious or it should be by now, that when it comes to Us, it is up to Us and it is just Us. I’m not just talking about Us as
    African Americans - I mean the people who have been out there and are out there trying to help those people whose lives have been destroyed by this natural tragedy that has befallen them. And I do mean Us, as African Americans; maybe now Our imaginary “people of color” friends and all our so-called “black people” will come to Our aide in a time of need (like We do them) - but I doubt it.

    What the Dog****ters are doing, they have done since the beginning. They have tried to harm Us and hurt Us, so much, and so many ways. . . And We are still here… let Us not let this, be the blow that kills Us. Please.



    To have and hold on to the things that We want and need; We have to start from the inside.First, within Ourselves then within Our Communities... the rest will take care of itself. We are a people of vast wealth. That wealth is LOVE. We have...
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    The Diaspora
    The media has never missed an opportunity to demonize the African American community. This tragedy is but the latest example. Although I can not properly express my outrage, I can't help but wonder if this is what it takes for us to realize the depths of which racism continues to influence this country.