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    Some of you may be familiar with the Brother Toyin Agbetu. He is the Afrikan who stood up in Westminster Abbey last year.

    He has been arrested again .... this is his story .....

    Betrayal by Toyin

    nothing hurts like betrayal
    physical wounds heal
    blood dries
    bones mend
    again and
    but spirit torn
    as zombies swarm
    vacuous entitities
    spouting alien ideologies
    of their overseer supremacy
    agents of white male supremacy
    anti nature degeneracy
    in Truth....

    ...simply masking
    their own indolent inadequacies
    enslaved to massa
    through currency
    breeding docility
    violent instability
    moral impotency
    they look at me
    they don’t see me
    don’t see we are one
    instead go for their guns
    conscious African
    needs to be made unconscious

    its fun!

    throwing blows to my head
    wishing me dead
    seeing nothing but red

    its fun!

    punching me in the stomach
    ripping my shirt from my chest
    grabbing my bag in jest
    it doesn’t matter I haven’t done anything wrong

    its fun!

    no longer brother
    i am now their other
    no longer family
    am now the other
    now joined by police
    hoisted off my feet
    cheers as im dragged semi naked
    into a jubilant crowd
    chained once again
    as house negros on the float grin
    “look massa got toby” again
    “that kunta was never my friend”

    I talk
    force officers
    wrought with pain
    to no avail
    they cannot act on instinct
    they cannot act on truth
    they cannot act beyond that what they see before them.. African daring to honour his Ancestors?

    the prancing negros
    dance on
    the crowds follow
    continue the new song
    “the audacity”
    “…who is he”
    “…to tell we”
    spectators to the continuing story of their own demise
    in a tale where they are the despised
    and yet unwittingly
    willingly providing the entertainment
    they are the entertainment
    controlled through
    state containment
    fate contained
    sprit stained
    again and again

    so chained
    and in pain
    i walk
    surrounded by police
    observed by thousands
    in a virtual colloseum
    all in silence
    not one seeks to help
    not one seeks to help
    no-one seeks to help
    not one

    its fun!

    its carnivorous carnival
    “mate - that’s what it about”
    “celebrate what?” I think
    but my thoughts are drowned out
    as the noise
    imposes its will
    my gladiator status has been temporarily repealed
    my fate by judges for injustice to be once again sealed

    the BBC float
    "the African role is to entertain,
    that’s when we give you fame,
    none of this dignified Ancestor game,
    leading to blame,
    causing massa shame"

    so instead
    as im dragged through the crowd semi naked
    men avoiding eye contact
    women winking obsessing on my bare chest
    “dangerous African” arousing jungle fever
    elders look down at me shame faced

    only the young Africans
    share my pain with empathy
    some not knowing detail
    but feeling it the same
    and for minutes I walk
    but proud
    through that crowd
    flanked by massa soliders
    chains behind my back
    spirit still intact
    leaving me semi naked
    cold wind blowing
    for over an our
    as externally I bear the indignity
    trying to maintain nobility
    as passerbys
    but never stop
    not even so called ‘black’ cop

    At 4pm, I remain silent
    and again that day
    ask the Ancestors for guidance and protection
    they lead me inside
    and I retain my dignity
    I don’t want to hurt the other
    I don’t need to hurt the other
    but the other wants to hurt me
    the other feels it needs to hurt me
    abuse me
    incarcerate me
    assassinate me
    through me
    and do crimes
    to me
    until eventually I’ll be free
    eventually I leave force custody
    home with family
    sleep uncomfortably

    and so I sit here this morning writing
    wanting to cry
    but the release wont flow
    so I sit here writing
    for a means to dispel the anger
    but the spirit says no
    and after libation
    I suddenly know
    I am not afraid
    I am not afraid
    I am ashamed
    for they shame we

    for until we no longer
    pretend we are free
    until we
    when you see I
    meaning we
    meaning love
    self above
    liberation work
    comes to an end
    my so called friends, brothers, others..
    you see
    nothing hurts like betrayal
    for betrayal is like no other hurt.

    Toyin Agbetu, 26 August 2008Written following the arrest and imprisonment of Toyin Agbetu at Notting Hill Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday where he was injured in an unprovoked attack by several Notting Hill Carnival security staff after giving a BBC 1xtra DJ a flyer asking for him to support a united call for three minutes silence in remembrance of our Ancestors. Toyin sustained bruising to his head where he was repeatedly punched. None of the assailants were arrested. They were all African.

    Ligali | Equality for African People


    Afrikans! .... as the last grains of sand trickle by, KNOW thyself. Still thyself and LISTEN. It is only within you shall find truth by the very blood that runs in your veins.

    Open your eyes

    And so it is
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    sometimes i get frustrated and feel like, just maybe, those of us that would BE that African that our Ancestors Birthed us to be, might should go ahead and build ourselves an AFRICAN presence someplace on the net.

    but then i come right back to not wanting to "walk away" from this Wonderous Dream that Sister Destee built, because it is here and we are here. nor do i want to fracture it.

    Thank You, Sister SeekingMaat, for bringing this to us. :bowdown:

    This IS what it is all about Africans! stand up and be counted, or continue to sleep in the "glories" and "comfort" of massa's house ... too many times, most times, watching you, listening to you, attempting to read through your grammar, through your "discussions"/distractions/inactions i just want this life to be over ...