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May 28, 2005
Toughness of spiritual path

The majority of the people will oppose the spiritual path preached by you. Only one in thousands can accept your path. Should you not be universal and preach the path acceptable to all the people?

In spiritual path, majority always goes to hell. Gita says that one in thousands can only reach the God. Even that one person will reach the Lord after several births (Kaschit Maam Vetti, Bahunaam Janmanaam). Jesus also says that the path leading the hell is very wide with full of rush. The path leading to the Lord is very narrow and only one or two persons will be travelling. The path to the hell is filled with flowers and the path to the Lord is filled with thorns. Therefore the path to the Lord is not acceptable to all. Then shall I recommend the path filled with flowers to all the people, which is easily acceptable to all of them?

I am universal because I am preaching the narrow thorny path to all the people. But the path is not universal. I cannot help for that. In the spiritual path only minority exists. There is only one in millions like Sankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Jesus, Sai, Vivekananda etc., in the spiritual path. The gravel stones are in majority. There is only one Kohinoor diamond, which is valuable. The fraud Gurus shows that flowery path which is “Amrutha Visham” i.e., it looks like nectar but it is actually the poison. The Satguru shows the thorny path, which is “Visha Amrutham” i.e., it looks like poison but it is actually the nectar. Gita says the same (Yat Tat Agre Vishamiva).


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Feb 26, 2013
The road to perdition is wide, and preferred by the many because the road of righteousness, guided by the faithful Son is narrow and its trials perilous. Not all are willing, even for the Father and the Son, to sacrifice everything and to put all on the line. Not all are willing to take whatever must come their way to be proven to the Holy King. So, those who accept the message true to heart aren't very many, but ae definitely viewed through the eyes of the Father as worthy.

If we hold onto all which the Son has told us, and believe His every word, He will surely walk with us, guide us, Shepard us, that no challenge may be to great for us to overcome. If we show our faith in action and not just words, and believe in His sacrifice and resurrection back to eternal life, the Father will be pleased with us, and keep us to His Way.

He has loved us before we knew of His Way, and had provided for us when we sinned without care, so how much more love will we have when we love the Father and the Son, also? And how much more will He provide for us when we hold onto His faith as the most precious gift in our lives from They?


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
i been there on the grounds homeless,
underneath the tin roof raining,
while my tears rained out too,
in the midst of danger daily,
every night be a battle,
cause it's nowhere to go,
i still got scar marks on my back,
from carrying my load twenty miles at time,
back and forth from the valleys to hills,
rain sunshine humid winds cold in my wet socks,
digging in the alleyways fore food the tiny bit to eat,
i had nothing but me and my shakes,
praying on my watery puddles,
cellphone constantly powered out,
my mother's mother died and i couldn't come back to see the funeral,
no family in sight,
in a land stranded where killers were blue and black suits,
while the lost souls of colored outfits roams,
i got beat down by the police one day before my bus trip back to sc,
i saved up every last penny that shined,
smiling with my tar baby complexion as buckteeth and dimples,
prostitutes in search of that next sexual hit,
over there the pimp waiting in the cut seated,
women and their children playing happily all about,
fathers at work clocking pay for they generations to come,
in the same underwear still from three days ago soiled,
i exercised and washed up at the local fitness center,
even the churches turn me down for a night of warming feeling,
i remember that sistah when she gave me her last loaf of bread,
i remember that brotha when he gave me money everyday picking metal up,
he said i didn't have to worry about nothing just keep writing what he saw,
that was years ago when i got swindled fore everything i had,
it was the total shock fore two months too long with no governmental shelter,
i got books of my journey and coming up with nothing to lose this time,
as my self-made endeavor.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I write what i seen,
I write what i see,
transforming negativity into positive,
if i can to be written wise,
if knot then wiser,
i can tell you about my memories,
the accountancy of the past,
the reminder of earthly dividends,
the mathematical sign dashing,
four right angles inadvertently not met,
the division sign is peace balanced to me,
the scales of relationships,
the triumphant reason why i'm never hesitant...

i write what eye saw,
tiny bits of intelligence put together at ah time,
put my ego down righteously enable it's real use,
watching the signs daily,
i seen an owl just the other evening,
perched proudly on the power lines connected,
to the backbone of gossip city,
it came as a truth in the be,
that cautious predatory eyes was watching me,
the black cats still roam at night,
thinking when i come out it's all about them,
so they run for shelter looking afar plotting,
either to attack or just a recon then flee,
either way i'm aware as my shadow told me what time it was,
arranged in confusion they are,
but i'm aiming at the plateau climbing victory given to me,
it's a test everyday and i get stronger by the levels,
God you got'ta give me power for surviving the tides swinging,
and it was written i shall receive once prepared and proven each time,
so i watch for the tides incoming like a surfer on both coasts of any land mass,
dodging the pendulum swing evil by knowing extremely good balanced,
they all come from one source,
life is like a video game to the power of deadly seriousness,
cause i've been stabbed,
fighting in a unfair surprised fight,
although on the streets and in warfare all is fair it's love,
done went through a windshield flatlined,
woke back up like dayum i'm back,
before then i knew mossberg upclose and personal,
it was my stepfather attempt to eradicate me finally,
guess he didn't like the fact i fought back finally,
i almost killed him finally,
the five foot three inches kid up against the six foot six inches military dope dealing adulterous family beating man,
my son was erased out the womb by a mutha who insecurities and lost spirituality left her in tears years later on the phone asking fore forgiveness,
i did nothing wrong just misinterpreted everytime expressing myself,
like that time when they spit on me in broad daylight,
the white oppressor's sons cause i stood my ground with my sister,
i been homeless once,
i been an alcoholic secretly since middle school once,
i been fighting my brothas just to click back up stronger,
i know sistahs from my towns who will do you right by your word,
i been shot at and held weapons since elementary school,
so nothing around is new but a chance to make ah nu vue in reality,
i just got ran over while on the bicycle last week,
looking directly into the eyes of the driver doing my best to hit the grasses,
my peers are dying quickly one after the other ever since,
i got no more suits for my own family members funerals,
keeping one for myself nice and pressed up,
i wrote out my eulogy,
knowing whatever i can't see to the fullest is coming fore me aggressively,
this is my final stand getting closer to alleviating pressures off my massive family out the woods,
i've felt everything else to include fear once upon ah time,
though i never felt bullets burn through flesh before,
so i guess it'll be my body's destined fate,
but before i leave best believe i got'ta get oppression real smooth,
the underground way intelligently plotted business and economics,
nevermind a casket burn me,
hear me laugh in the winds,
cause i cried first on earth,
my self expression is often depressing upon others,
so i tell them leave me be,
in my eyes i'm walking lighter and happily,
dayum i can't be happy going away back home either huh?
you should be celebrating my self expression.

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