Black Poetry : Touchless Love

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    Shhhhhh…… say nothing,
    just lye there and don't say a word
    For I am about to prove how deep my love is for you..
    By first making love to your mind
    As no other man before I could ever do
    Yes my love… smile and gently close your eyes
    Feel my words as they caress you from the inside..
    Ohhhh!!… I love you
    I love you so, so much
    It’s hard to lye here next
    to you and not allow our bodies to touch.
    Mmmmm.. I’m so close
    I can smell your scent of anticipation
    As you wait for that body to body participation.
    Feel me from within your mind,
    and remember where our bodies once have been.
    And although the loving of your mind is truly enjoyable..
    physical is the direction I’m heading in.
    Your presence alone is like a drug,
    that rushes through my veins
    And soothing my pain…
    Passion… The word passion
    alone does not approach the depth of the need
    The hunger
    The desire
    That you ignite in me
    As I carry your love in my heart with me constantly…
    Let go, and let my words enter your soul.
    Imagine in mind, our bodies being entwined.
    Listen, as I whisper sweet words into your ear.
    Relax your body muscles
    and let my words massage away your fears.
    You’re so beautiful
    and you know I want you so, so bad….
    I want to fulfill that dirty thought you just had…
    Keep your eyes closed and listen once more
    As I overload your mind
    with what your body has a thirst for.
    Lye there completely still
    Feel the vibes
    As my heart beats as loud as a talking drum..
    Do you feel the deep driving rhythmus?
    Vibration that start from deep within my soul
    Pleading that once I’m able to touch you..
    Never to let go!
    The time is near, oh so near
    Time for me to place a chocolate kiss on your lips..
    For my body is yearning to talk to you
    And give your soul something to cling to..
    Where shall I touch you first?
    Tell me, what part of your body has the most thirst?
    Is it here?
    Or do you even care
    as long as I finally touch you there…

    Shhhhh….continue your silence
    and let your moans talk back to me

    MrMichael "SDMrPoet"
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    Mr. Michael :)

    So tell me now.... are you addicted to this site or what?! :lol:

    Nice scribe poet :) :)