Quiet Poetry Lounge : TORMENTED II Another Chapter


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Like an old testement
in a new stage on broadway
my love left hanging in da billows
and then suddenly da remembrance
of your face came upon me
eyez bare down on me wit an influence
one i cannot express three to five
twenty years vanished like an ole dream

I open da book wit my mental mind
searching time again and again rearranging
my heart & soul dealing wit da changes of
u and me at the peak of morrow as da stories
build my love is tormented , so tis how it feel
to sit alone barefooted and cold
dim by the factor of salted memories
mis-ova-stood trap between da
emotions and feelings of your beings

I've been tormented by the thoughts
as we share space and age time til
my eyez open to see emptyness
u washed my spirit in mud and step on my love
stole my dreams wit dismay and anger
i've kissed death at da side of hate
tormented, sadly tales continue u should have
seen me to know me that i lived and loved
may each day past us we fine happiness
departed and be released from hell's bondage.
I know how it feels
to be misunderstood
You're not really felt or seen
in the manner that you should

Hate...such a strong word
But it's sometimes used aptly
You hate the potential beauty of the union
You hate that your love wasn't taken seriously
You hate the confusion and the tears
You hate what you should've done, differently

We may never know all the ins and outs
about it, all the wonder whys...
Why there are heavenly hellos
and gut wrenching goodbyes...


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