Black Relationships : Top Ten Things "Not To Do" In Your Relationship


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Sep 3, 2011
What are the top ten things in your opinion women/men do in their relationship that get on your nerves or cause discord? No punches below the belt people ;) lets be mature I want to know the mature perspective not the boy girl ones.

For me they are...

#1. Leaving at night frequently to hang out with friends.
2. Keeping company with people with bad character and allowing them in the home.

3. Inviting unannounced guests in the house.
4. Disregard for my efforts to keep my home tidy.

5. Showing interest in other females.

6. Not confronting disagreements respectfully, but dismissing my concerns, making me seem like a trouble maker.
7. Not confessing but justifying clear error.

8. Being inconsiderate (i.e. If you know someone expects you be there or call)

9. Baseless assumptions

10. Not confident of my loyalty and devotion.



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Oct 26, 2009
Those are good "not to dos," and I'd think they apply in a marriage as well as a committed relationship. The brunt of most marital conflicts seem to revolve around parenting and finances. In my marriage, I know I start to act a little funky if too much time has gone by and my husband and I haven't had adequate time alone (without the kids) in a while.

These are a few of the to-dos I try to live by consciously, especially whenever challenges strike:
1) Be thankful.
2) Remember how far we've come, all the way back to when we met.
3) Realize how minimal today's tests are in the grand scheme of life.

In general, being communicative and respectfully honest go a long way. So does not taking each other for granted, which becomes easier to do the longer you're together. Fundamentally, solid relationships are about living according to the golden rule, which can be oh so hard to do sometimes!

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