Black Spirituality Religion : Top Ten Signs You’re a Zealous Pagan

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You and Awo make a perfect comedy duo! :toast:

I know... If we add another male or non-female ... our comedy would be gospel. Our stand-up name would be the Trinity like another comedic routine I know.

Oh, by the way, drink your kool-aid slowly are we will have you dying in laughter...
Religion does not afford us the luxury to treat other people who believe differently in an ill manner.

Peace and Blessings Family,

The above quote belongs to Brother Blackbird from another thread, and i agree with him.

This thread afforded some of you the luxury of treating other Members in an ill manner, disrespecting their life choice / path, as if such is welcome here, and it is not.

This behavior is in violation of our mission, for the believers of these paths, and all paths, will be treated with respect here.

If you have a life path you want to lift up, teach, share, you are certainly welcome to do that here, but you cannot disrespect another's.

This may be the only warning you get, before being permanently banned, if you choose to continue this type of dialogue.

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