Black Spirituality Religion : Top Ten Signs You’re a Zealous Pagan

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Ya'll know one of these pagans?

How about the pagan rasta who never makes a visit to the doctor because he has a homemade herbal remedy for anything that's ailing you, yet he doesn't have a remedy for the clap, which he occasionally gets, then and only then, is when he brakes down to visit the doctor...LOL

He can tell you about any historical atrocity that the white man has committed against his people and he knows his stuff. He claims to own a villa back home in Jamaica, yet for some reason, here in America where he now lives, he is always broke and struggling to pay the rent. He wears locks African mud clothe, coffies and although he is not crippled, when he goes for walks or goes to events, he carries along with him a 6 foot hand carved staff. :court:

He rides a bike everyday to keep in shape, plays soccer, eats strictly vegetarian, wash his clothes in hypoallergenic no scented soap, washes his dishes in hypo alergenic mint soap, cleans and wipes his toilet down with special home made pagan sanitizer after company has used the bathroom facility in his one bedroom studio apartment where he has huge buds hanging from the ceilings. He smokes some of the weed he grows in the morning noon and night and sells the rest. He, has bad horrible teeth and breath, is a pack rat, has ten kids by ten different women that he does not financially support. He is not a fan of western education yet he brags about which of his kids have just graduated from college.

He is not religious and doesn't eat pork but the women that he has had his children with, they eat pork and they also attend church. He is constantly looking for a woman to sponsor him on his hundreth money making scheme. He appears to be spiritual because of his calm demeanor and when he speaks, he is always spittin knowledge with that Jamaican accent... hahaha

W.I.P :whip:
Do any of your African or native american spiritual paths involve rituals or dances or altars?

Honestly, you can not name any human society that does not employ rituals or dances. Altars are used as a focal point for many traditions including Christianity. The pulpit serves as an altar where the emissary of god (the preacher) supposedly channels god's message or word to the congregants.

So do I use rituals or dance? Yes. Okay and? (clueless)

Revealed to you from the computer altar of the High Priest of Blackbirdism, senior pastor of Part-time Unjustified Church of Tuhwi the Blackbird
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