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May 11, 2003
Top Ten free downloads ** 7-03

Okay..I am gonna give this a try for awhile and see if I can keep it current. Here are the nicest free downloads for the month of July 2003.
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  1. Ashampoo IP Spam Blocker 1.0 -- I absolutely hate MSN/Windows Messenger. Mostly because I get tons of spam mail in the form of instant messages all day. Even when I am logged out, the spam keeps coming in. Well, no more. Ashampoo, a recognized name in freeware applications has a little surprise for all the spam - Internet "Raid"
  2. FotoTime FotoAlbum 3.4 -- Photo organizer for on and offline use. U can use it store your digital camera shots or mail them a roll of film for real photos, proofs AND digital copies online. Your friends and family can visit your album and order their own copies.
  3. LimeWire 3.0.2 -- To heck with Kazaa. Limewire is the next level of file sharing. AND you can get copies of expensive software for free. Beware of legal ramifications!
  4. Ad-aware 6.0 -- Finds spy and adware on your computer. It can uninstall any program designed to track your online time or sell your identity to marketers.
  5. Astrolog 5.40 -- Into astrology? Try this program that helps makes some of the calculations associated with chart making a whole lot easier (no uninstaller offered)
  6. Angels Screensaver 2 -- Who doesnt like Charlies' Angels? These ladies kick *** and take names! Well here is a screensaver collection for the daughters that we are raising to take no shorts. lol
  7. GedLink Editor 1.3 -- application has online feature that helps you keep track and produce your family tree.
  8. Dope Wars (Palm OS) -- the controversial, but admittly addictive game goes mobile. Get a copy for your Palm Pilot.
  9. Netscape 7.1 -- For diehard netscape fans the newest version is here.
  10. Copernic Agent Basic 6.1 -- Search nearly 100 search engines at once every time you make an inquiry.


Jan 22, 2001
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Ifasehun ... how wonderfully kind of you to share !!! :toast:

Thank You Brother!




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May 11, 2003
i will try to do every month. i am closing out a project this week, so i guess i got plenty of time to work on Aug! lol

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