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May 7, 2009
I just briefly glanced over a book about how to make the philosophers' stone and according to the book this stone was used to make Giants back in the bible days.

The link also have other links that shows more pictures of Giants.

I finally got the chance to look at the link in regards to what you provided and wish to thank you tremendously for this information. There is a lot in this link to this book and so far I have only glanced at some of the contents and have put some of the sections that I briefly scanned over:
 The Book of Aquarius

Alchemy and the Philosophers' Stone are real. This is not a joke or a scam. This book covers the full theory and practice of alchemy and how to make the Philosophers' Stone, capable of reversing the aging process and curing all disease to the effect that one could live forever. This is an ancient secret which has never before been publicly released. Please read the book before making any judgement on it; this world is not what it seems to be. The Book of Aquarius is free and public-domain (no copyright). You may copy and distribute the book in any way.

14. What Is It Made From?
31. Everburning Lamps
33. Religious References

One of the most interesting issues is contained in the chapter that gives the source of the stone and this just ‘blew my mind’!!!--because I see a great correlation to the Bible:

14. What Is It Made From?
The ingredient is urine. I understand this may sound strange, and suspiciously convenient, on first hearing, however, there is sound and logical reasoning for the Stone to be made from urine.​

Firstly I must explain that the Stone could in theory be made from anything, since everything contains the life-energy to some degree, which is the active ingredient of the Stone. Urine contains this life-energy in high concentration, due to the fact that it has just come out of you, and you, as a living animal, are full of life-energy.​

Although I did not see any direct correlation of my research in regards to the references of this author so far to what I believe this book hits upon in regards to my Bible research in regards to ‘urine’, I so believe that there is an amazing connection in what he wrote about. He wrote about ‘urine’ in regards to the composition of this ancient ‘stone’ and in connection to many secrets of life and in regards to ‘giants’, and other phrases he mentioned that are in the Bible such as ‘the salt sea’ and ‘the angel that stirred up the water during the life of Jesus that people went to for healing and to prolong life’ and of which this author mentioned! Wow! His writings so match that of the Bible but again, this author did not reference the ones i used and that I believe actually directly reference this ‘stone of life’. However, my Bible research so agrees with what he has written in regards to this ‘stone’ and ‘urine’ as being a major component of this stone. I so believe in what he says in that today, ‘there are no secrets’ and all mysteries have come to light. But now, they just need to be better clarified. So I want to share a little of what I see correlates to what he has written about in regards to ‘urine’ and ‘this stone’.

This author gives several passages in his book about the Bible in correlation to this ‘stone’ in these chapters:

31. Everburning Lamps
33. Religious References
He mentioned Solomon, several passages and prophets' words in the Bible, and other Hebrew history in the Bible in correlation to this stone and I want to add my research on this point. He mentioned ‘the burning lamp’ and I find this to be an amazing correlation to this stone and this even helps me to better understand my research even better as I found the subject to be so extensive I cannot contain or grasp it all right now. In the past I have searched and searched for other Christian references and etc. and became so frustrated because they just don’t bring out the core of this issue that revolves around ‘the burning lamp’ and other aspects that surrounds it for some reason. But again, I did not see what I have researched in some of the passages this author referenced in regards to the Bible so I will share just a little of my research now as it is extensive. Based upon what I see in the Bible in regards to the Seven Spirits of the living God and specifically one of the Seven Spirits in particular correlates to this stone and urine in a major way. Christian authors only bring out the spiritual definition of the Seven Spirits of the living God and don’t seem to take it any farther for some strange reason but I have concentrated on the other aspects of it. I have to find my article of which I wrote about on the Seven Spirits of God because I am not sure of the actual break down right now but some of the main elements are ‘water’, ‘fire’, ‘blood’, ‘oil’ and etc. and I can see a correlation to what this author wrote about in regards to ‘the white stone’ and ‘the red stone’ and etc.

The Bible mentioned at one point that King David put something on before he could actually talk to the Creator God whereupon he was then told that [paraphrasing] ‘yes, you will be betrayed’ so David fled in order to avoid danger. What he put on was ‘the actual vest of the High Priest’, a vest that goes all the way back to the time of Moses when his brother Aaron became the ordained High Priest and this vest included TWELVE STONES that represented everything that this author has touched upon in regards to the importance of stones [the composition of stones]. These 12 Stones are mentioned all throughout the Bible in correlation to not only the 12 Tribes of Israel but the gates in this new land [new Jerusalem] and much more of which then also correlates to eternal life. But even more importantly on this breastplate [vest] of the High Priest was something else that also is connected to the 12 Stones and in relation to the Seven Spirits of God and with this spiritual composition, Aaron, David and etc. could then have a direct connection to God and actually speak to him. This author mentions ‘alchemy’ and I can see amazing correlations in what he wrote and my research in this regards too, due to my further research on the 7 Spirits of God and how they have been used to further life. This spirit is the same spirit that the angel possessed to stir up the water that people came to be healed during the life of Jesus. The Bible tells of a lame man whose bed was put down so that he might be able to get to this water but because of the crowd, he could not therefore, Jesus then healed him and proved that he contained the actual ‘healing spirit’ and this point brings me to bring out my research and of which correlates to this authors statement of ‘urine’ in this ‘stone of life’.

Without this spirit as being apart of the Breastplate of the High Priest and of which is one of the 7 Spirits of the living God, the 12 Stone Breastplate would have been incomplete. This Spirit is actually ‘a dual component’ Spirit and is called ‘Urim & Thumim’ and directly correlates to what this author is speaking about in regards to ‘urine’ but more importantly it is also composed of ‘the life fluids of reproduction’ meaning ‘semen & female reproductive fluid’. My research took me to so many avenues and I have come across a lot of subjects in regards to alchemist and how they experimented with ‘urine’ and etc. in this regards. I have come to realize that this ‘urim & Thumim’ is directly in correlation to when Jesus said that [paraphrasing] ‘he is the light and Morning Star’. I have done research on the planet Venus in connection with this Biblical reference and description of Jesus and in connection with ‘Urim & Thumim’. I have researched ‘the Blue Stone’ and found that it was natural in the Sinai Peninsula where the Hebrews were after the Exodus and in other certain parts of the world. I have found that one main property of this particular ‘Blue Stone’ is ‘phosphorus’ and has a direct correlation to ‘light’ and is a main component in bones. I read how alchemist experimented with urine in correlation to phosphorous. I realize that phosphorous and other elements directly correlate to ‘illumination’. I realize that this Blue Stone is found in fertilizer and has been mined extensively and even used even in making bombs. I realize that it is used in televisions and many things as a medium to transmit signals in space and it is used in simple products such as glow lights. I find it funny that during Halloween, it is sold extensively for glow lights to make toy skeletons and such. But now after reading from the perspective of this author, I have made another confirmation on my research in regards to the ‘purity of this stone’.

This author speaks about giants in correlation to this stone and I am astonished at this point because again, it gives me a major confirmation on my research in this regards. This issue directly correlates to why the foundation of the Hebrew Israelites is based upon ‘the original women’ and also, why they conflicted with the many giants that were said to be concentrated in ‘the Middle East’ [Canaan land]. This issue revolves around ancient dark secrets that regards some disgusting immoral practices and evil exploitations that involve the main presence of the original kind of women and practices done in ancient times that gave rise to many giants being born. The Bible reveals much about this subject in so many different aspects, one of which revolves around Noah’s wife. However, some of the mysteries have been written in the past as such to make this information ‘sealed up for a time’ and only to be brought to ‘light’ later. Today this information is supposed to be brought out and to the forefront. As this author points out, today there are no secrets and all mysteries have come to light and can be confirmed in many ways. Again, I am happy that you provided this information and I am so surprised to see it. I did not have any idea that it touched upon this basis in regards to giants and I regret taking so long to get back to this thread to look into what you provided. I guess I strayed from my path due to other issues brought up in this thread and also, I will admit that I was pessimistic about what you wrote and not sure I believed what you reference at first and this reservation that I have may have slowed me down from getting back to this thread sooner. But now, I must say that I am shocked and due to my own research and what this author has written, I do believe in what he wrote in the little that I have read from his book so far. I absolutely believe that there is a stone that contains the same components that correlates to ‘urine’ and that has something to do with giants being born. I am blown away
that my research has been confirmed in this way. I couldn’t find anything to confirm my research amongst the ‘Christian scholars’ in regards to a scientific connection to giants at all. I mostly got information based upon alchemist and how alchemist made a correlation even to the very Bible and, this author sure did bring that part out! Wow! I am amazed. Thank you.
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