Black People : Top FIFTEEN white Crimes Blamed on Blacks (& non-whites)


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Dec 27, 2005
Top FIFTEEN white Crimes Blamed on Blacks (& non-whites)

The current international attention to the case of the missing American white girl in the resort island of Aruba (to the exclusion of the 37,000 other yearly missing persons) provides a classic study in racist scapegoating. The incident merited top story status only when the perpetrators were believed to be two ferocious Black bucks whose handcuffed images were worth a week of news fodder. When it became clear that the murderer was likely a preppie teen-aged white boy from a prominent Dutch family, the American media dropped the story from their headlines just as quickly and quietly as the Black suspects were released.

One of the most successful and central tenets of white supremacy is its insistence on the natural depravity of all non-whites. As long as the history of the caucasian has been recorded (and invented), whites have sought to justify their racism by pinning their debased acts upon the innocent Black man. Even the Bible has been disgraced by an absurd but profoundly influential concoction in the form of the so-called "Curse of Ham." Ancient rabbis reinterpreted the story of Noah in order to claim the natural inferiority of the entire Black race. Slavery, Jim Crow, and all their peculiar forms of violent oppression descended from this hateful Jewish heritage. Later, celebrated acts like the Boston Tea Party found cowardly whites disguising themselves as Indians to vandalize a British ship and its cargo of tea--all to make the British authorities believe that Indians had done the crime. This was a strikingly common, destructive, and successful anti-Indian practice of the time. Black "crimes" -- often against the presumed chastity and innocence of white womanhood -- were the stated grounds for thousands of lynchings, where the actual criminals were white people. And as with the on-going Aruba case, this white racial scapegoating persists today, unabated by standards of common human decency.

There are many, many more, but these fifteen cases are representative of the thousands more:

1) "Scottsboro Boys" -- In 1931, two young white women alleged that they had been assaulted and raped by nine "Negro boys." After swift "legal" (pre-lynching) procedures, eight of the Blacks were sentenced to death. Eventually, the women recanted their story, though it did not result in freedom for the young Black men.

2) Oklahoma City Bombing -- The terrorist bombing was first blamed on "the Nation of Islam." Both NBC's anchor Tom Brokaw and ABC's Peter Jennings broadcast this false story to the world, endangering the lives of Blacks and Muslims all over the nation. The actual terrorists were white men from middle America with U.S. military backgrounds.

3) John F. Kennedy Assassination -- The first reports from Dallas on October 22, 1963, included the ludicrous report that "Black Muslims" were seen "running from the scene." The government concluded that a white man murdered the president. None of the hundreds of conspiracy theories implicates a Black man.

4) Riot of 1908 -- In Springfield, Illinois, a white woman, falsely accused "a black fiend" of raping her. Local whites formed a mob, killed two Blacks chosen randomly, then burned and pillaged the local Black community. Blacks fled to avoid a mass lynching. The woman later admitted that she lied about the rape to cover up an extramarital affair. Often, whites, seeking to take Indian- or Black-owned land (or to destroy their businesses) would simply claim that one of their precious white vaginas had been invaded by a Black male, justifying by "retribution" the snatching of ANY Black lives and/or property. This, despite the overwhelming proof that the entire Black race had been lightened in skin color by the mass serial rape of African women by white American savages.

5) 9/11 and the U.S.-led War Against Islam -- Amazingly, 19 "Arab Muslims" have been charged with a crime for which there are many, many more questions than answers. Among the most important: Why was the hole in the Pentagon only 16-feet wide despite the fact that a 757 has a wingspan of 125 feet? And why was there absolutely no airplane wreckage at the Pentagon--none at all? What actually crashed into the Pentagon, if not a plane, and who launched it? Many similar questions have been raised about the New York "attack." This is a white man's crime. (Please do not believe me. Calmly read the questions raised by Gerard Holmgren, who wrote the single best overall summary of what really happened on 9/11 entitled "Manufactured Terrorism: The Truth About Sept. 11." Read it here:

6) Civil War -- Whites have blamed Blacks for the Civil War by repeating the self-serving fallacy that they fought to "free the slaves," suggesting that we "ought to be grateful" that millions of whites "died for you." This is pure fairy tale foolishness. All whites benefited from slavery and NO WHITES cared to see Blacks as equal members of American society--not even ol' Lincoln himself. The primary profiteers of slavery were the Northern merchants and their bankers--not the Southern plantation owners, who, in the scope of things, were minor functionaries. All of the rich plantation produce--cotton, sugar, tobacco, etc.--was funneled through northern ports, where huge profits were skimmed before export to world markets. White Southerners resented their economic subservience and started the war in 1861 to cut the North out of the equation. Northerners fought back to save this lucrative money flow--NOT TO END SLAVERY! Legal slavery became the target only when it was deemed necessary to undermine the Southern strength--not to give Blacks any part of the benefits of American citizenship. Upon victory, northerners immediately plunged Blacks into debt peonage and Jim Crow discrimination for the next hundred years to maintain Blacks as de facto slave laborers. Blacks fell even deeper into poverty and ignorance.

7) Central Park Jogger -- A New York "trial" in 1989, in which five Black and Latino teens were convicted of assaulting and raping a white woman, introducing the term "wilding" into the racist caucasian lexicon. A non-Black serial rapist admitted his guilt in the crime, which was confirmed by DNA testing. He also claimed that he never met the five victims of white "justice."

8) Charles Stuart -- On the night of October 23, 1989, Charles Stuart shot his seven months pregnant wife in the head, and then shot himself in the abdomen. Stuart told the police that the murderer was a Black man, sparking a police round-up of hundreds of Black men for questioning. The Black community was outraged. Charles Stuart picked a Black man out of a lineup, who was subsequently arrested for the crime. Stuart's story unraveled and he committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

9) George Washington University Hoax -- In 1990, a female student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., falsely stated that a white woman had been raped at knife point by two Black men with "particularly bad body odor." The story exploded across campus and was a call to action for school officials, campus activists, and the school's rape crisis center. The day following the school newspaper's publication of her account, the press was informed that the story was a fabrication. Miriam Kashani, the student who was the newspaper's main source for the "rape" story, held a press conference and stated that she "had hoped the story, as reported, would highlight the problems of safety for women..."

10) Jesse Anderson Hoax -- In April 1992, Jesse Anderson, a white man, told the police that while leaving a suburban Milwaukee restaurant he and his wife were attacked by two Black men. According to Anderson, the men stabbed him and his wife. His wife was stabbed multiple times in the face, head, and upper body. She died following the attack. After a five-day search for the fictional Black criminals, Anderson was arrested and charged with his wife's murder. Two factors led the police to focus their investigation on Anderson: lab results from blood samples, and information that Anderson had called his wife's insurance company one month prior to her murder to determine whether her $250,000 policy was in effect. Anderson was subsequently convicted of first-degree intentional homicide.

11) Susan Smith Hoax -- In 1994, a South Carolina white woman named Susan Smith claimed a "Black male in his late 20s to early 30s, wearing a plaid shirt, jeans, and a toboggan-type hat" had commandeered her car and kidnapped her two children. A composite of her description was published in newspapers worldwide. Smith appeared on television and tearfully pled for her children's lives, telling them "your Momma loves you.Be strong." The pastor of Smith's church said in reference to the Black suspect, "There are some people that would like to see this man's brains bashed in." Nine days later Smith confessed to killing her own children, 14-month-old Alex and 3-year-old Michael.

12) Robert Harris Hoax -- In January 1996, Robert Harris claimed that he and his fiancée, Teresa McLeod, had been shot and robbed on a quiet Baltimore, Maryland, street. Harris said the assailant was an armed Black man wearing a camouflage jacket and black and white pants. Harris was shot once and McLeod was shot several times. McLeod died at the scene. Within two days of the murder, Harris confessed to his involvement: He had hired a hit man to rob and kill his fiancée. The alleged motive was Harris' mistaken belief that he was the beneficiary of McLeod's $250,000 life insurance policy.

13) Kobe Bryant Hoax -- In 2003, a Jewish white woman named Katelyn Faber accused Kobe Bryant, a Black basketball superstar, of "rape" in a Denver hotel. The 19-year-old gold-digger told police that Bryant sexually assaulted her, her claim apparently enough to warrant charges of "felony sexual assault." Kobe's accuser, it turns out, had sex with at least one white male prior to her encounter with Bryant and had the semen of other men on her undergarments. Other stories of sexual deviance surfaced about the woman, who then refuses to testify. Prosecution drops the criminal case.

14) "Runaway Bride" -- Jennifer Wilbanks tried to cover up the reason for running away from her April 2005 wedding by concocting a story that a Latino man and a white woman kidnapped her. When asked in a June 2005 interview how she came up with her fabricated story, Wilbanks replied: "Maybe I watched too many cops and robbers movies." Book publisher HarperCollins will pay her a reported $250,000 for her story.

15) Joseph Jett, Wall Street's most successful Black trader, was accused in 1994 by his firm, Kidder Peabody, of stealing millions and bankrupting the company. Jett, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, endured attempts by Kidder and parent company General Electric to pin the blame on him. After an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission, he was sanctioned for record-keeping violations and fined $200,000 and ordered to pay back about $8 million in profits despite the fact that the very trades he was doing are routine business on Wall Street now.

There is also an after-the-fact inversion of the "scapegoat-the-*******" motif common in white American (white) culture. This places an often-willing negro in close proximity to a monumental white crime, intending to give the impression that Blacks generally share in the blame. When thousands of overwhelmingly white Catholic priests were found to be molesting tens of thousands of children entrusted to their care, the "church" produced one of the rarest of all sights--a Black priest--to be the "voice of the church." Wilton D. Gregory was selected to be the first Black president of the U.S. bishops just in time to assure that the flood of reports of priest sexual child molestation was accompanied by the face, voice or quote of a Black man, effectively tying a Black face to the whitest of all churches and the most despicable of all crimes. Ten times "not guilty" Michael Jackson is yet the face of pedophilia--despite the existence of a cult headquartered in Rome apparently set up to perpetuate this perversion.

Similarly, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice have been the negro faces on the most aggressively violent and racist foreign policies in the history of the white race. Asian Lance Ito, the OJ trial judge, is the face of incompetent jurists; Johnny Cochrane is the epitome of slickster lawyers; Kobe is the personification of Black male deviance; rapper MC Hammer is the paragon of idiotic financial mismanagement, and on and on. Whites in conversation will string these names together, despite the fact that white descendants of Europeans have long ago shattered all records and limits in these categories.

Whites will not be changing this behavior anytime soon. It is up to Blacks to ensure that any allegation of Black misbehavior is immediately rejected and rebuffed pending an investigation by a trusted Black institution which can issue their findings to a truth- and justice-starved Black public.


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