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    By Andre Austin
    1. Catholic Shakespeare B.1564-1616 Ghost writer is Emilia Bassano (1569-1645), Jewish poet and playwright. Her husband dies in 1613 and was same year of the last so-called Shakespeare play written, The Two Noble Kinsmen. The name Emilia appears in many of the “Shakespeare’s” plays. Cause & effect= her plays are revenge Literature against the Roman Catholic Trinity Caesar’s for its anti-Semitic writings against the Jews in the Gospels for having them engage cannibalism and infant sacrifices she reverses on the Gentiles in the Shakespeare’s plays. See Shakespeare’s Dark Lady By John Hudson & Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah By Joseph Atwill for further information.
    2. Jack The Ripper (1860-1942) German born British artist eventually died in America was non other than Walter Richard Sickert. Cause & Effect= Sickert as a child had surgery on his penis which involved cutting leading to impotence. Because of this botched surgery as an adult took out anger and frustration on London prostitutes. His sketches of Jack the Ripper crime scenes and DNA of licked stamps, envelopes makes Sickert the modern day monster serial killer. See Patricia Cornwell’s insightful book Portrait Of A Killer.
    3. Jesus Christ is a literary character and victim of name switching and turned into a composite figure, spoof, parody and satire from Roman war with the Jews from 66-73AD as written by Josephus in his War of the Jews. The Gospels itself means in Greek “Good news of Military victory. The Jews didn’t win the war so the Victors (Romans) write His-story. The real Christ=militant messianic Christ fought against Rome for independence and religious freedom. The real Christ were several Eleazar/Lazarus’s who fought the Roman Catholic Trinity of Vespasian(father Mule driver/Wasp), Titus (son 666) and Domitian (Red dragon/Terrible spirit) who masqueraded themselves as Christ in the Gospel, Paul writings & Revelations. Eleazar/Lazarus was taken down from the cross and is Made a Supper. His substitute is Simon/Peter (Simon demon/Satan of Gadara etal) who denies peace to Titus three times taken to Rome for the Triumph. Called Satan (Matthew 16:22-25) because the ate fellow dead comrades and drank their blood to fight off famine caused by Caesar Titus. From this biggest the criminal enterprise on the planet of the Catholic Church builds upon this foundation. The Koran 4:157 confirms the substitute on the cross from information received from Gnostic leader Basilides who was a contemporary and in communication with Titus. The Catholic Church is about comforting those in poverty not getting them out of poverty through advocating of the politics for the poor they avoid. Well they comfort the dying in the hospice too I see no difference. So what we have here is so-called spiritual gangsters writing what appears to be holy books telling the masses that their original militant messianic Christ leaders were pacifistic and to abandon many of their spiritual beliefs that Rome was at odds with. Then to top it off they fooled them into worshiping them as Gods by switching their names and into symbolic cannibalism which was in part a major reason why they lost the war to the Romans. The Jews were the Victims and the Catholic Romans were the Villains and unfortunately there were no heroes. They been fooling the masses of the people for 2,000 years and still haven’t comprehended the joke yet.
    See The true authorship of the New Testament By Abelard Reuchlin & Caesar’s Messiah By Joe Atwill