Black People : Too Much Hatred In The World

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    If the original people made the hue-man beings of this planet called whatever name, then the original people by definition have made the world as it is. The world cannot be fixed until the original people be fixed. Problem: the original people is too focused on the outer parts of the world who constantly suck them into their ways which does not exist, but yet who they created made it exist. How to reverse the process and become overseers and greats before is too completely extract all original people back into a proper state of mindset then land suited for them from the jump. Education will help. Religion will divide them apart continuously due to traditions. Politics will destroy and keep killing as it is an empty science only filled up when theories spin off its axis. Only the basic living will get them back as a collective order but first they all need to be washed from the negativism or impurities set in within the genes of the spirituality of which they are carrying. The world is their community and not just a niche from here to there and over yonder. Business and economics is there only hope which first starts with land. There is no use in reaching the masses as revolution will not solve the problem cause the original people as a whole do not have any type of military available to defend off the nearby town in which they are living. The original people have been quoted to have the most degrees on this planet but do the exact opposite with their monies or currencies. The original people are hustlers of each other often looked at as leeches and mosquitoes of themselves swamp in problems and issues that have solutions already handed to them since day one though who they made years ago, which is their hue-man being brothers and sisters are actually still oppressing them. All people on this planet are actually family by genetic definition if science claims the original bones of the hue-man race is the original people so therefore, the original people own family members are attacking them by any means necessary. This is the definition of everybody killer and mass conspiracy even though the original people are awakening at a slowly but gradual rate, still it does not matter with interracial or other bullcrap theories as all will return back it's original state so why fight, battle, and war when all will return back it's original state of mind and conditions? The ego. The ego is the basic reasoning why there is too much hatred in the world and blamers who are scapegoats keep blaming the scapegoat pointing fingers but all is how does it feel for the mirror effect to hit home directly back to your dome?? The feeling is not great as karma touches everyone to include grace. There will continue to be dictators on a major to small scale in melody unknowingly and knowingly. Mothers are going to continue to teach segregation perceptively as an underhanded tool of war thinking it is peace furthering the racist and other family model problem as of today; though her distant relatives created as hue-man beings have a part in the role also. Sojourner Truth actually had the right idea but didn't get an opportunity to finish it as it should have plus she was too far ahead of her time and so did others. For example, Malcolm X was deeply are the unknown as literature has been tampered with to include the mind so you might as well make your own tribe and provide for self which is each and every individual as one based on genetics; though being in a tribe has its twin of aspect too and just look at the world's first tribes even still today with battles unnecessary though in animal nature it is apart of survival so are we animals or hue-man or both? Humans can live without meat but in dire survival times it is the last option. Can a light being or hue-man survive with only a wombman or none? Yes. What prompts war most of the time? Egotism not suited properly cause the outer shell of the ego or personality can be used for good like Nefertiti for instance...higher consciousness found and used with her outer shell as beauty born naturally of her is a perfect example of good or righteous egotism...but only stories held her high as i wasn't there in that time frame of the world's event so moving on. Basically know thyself. If we listen to the Sister Bello then indeed we can establish "true love" of the people but first it starts from within as that main character is the character of good which is the basics of all story book telling. Perception will be your best friend in the beginning of your new awakening to include your ending and without it you will be blinded like a horse with blinders unable to see anything outer sight, though once outer sight and all is understood by all means put your blinders on. Judge yourself harshly and see what you come up with in order to find a solution to ripple out like a shockwave upon others who watch you closely and move off your movements believe it or not everything is reason from the time you open up your eyes and blink to the the time you step outdoors. There is no such thing as an accident or foul play. Mothers are the key to changing the world absolutely and undisputed truth shall remain in her hands as the guardian angels over all humane society and as long as she remain in the state of mind she is in then so shall the villages to towns and cities as everything is ran off her energy and mimicks the original wombman. Just look outside and take a look to see why. The father ultimate duty is the outlast his best friend as the relentless shield of protection; protection is vital. The original wombman is actually the weapon and he is the protection. Why you think the history books and even still today other created hue-man beings fear the original wombman to the heart so much they have to act like a snake in order to get close to her? Cause they have no spine and even the Queens of Meroe knew that...not downing on the original man but indeed with his mentality sharpen the shield too can be used as a weapon...ever seen captain america? ever wrote so much to the point where space gets filled up? never underestimate protection as it is opposite of a weapon and goes well as the partner of it hint the original wombman and man goes perfectly together. Only realness can bring them together again and true love from both sides as equality met. Though naturally once again it starts with the original wombman and not how she wants to love but through the eyes of all people, nature, and just all kingdoms. If she is not universally sync in then she herself has to get reeducated or withered into a failure ultimately deceiving her best friend and corrupting her family lingering out to her village as what one wombman believes typically without stereotype of motherhood all believes cause womanhood and motherhood is synonymous and sacred of bond aka called the circle of life so therefore once you enter inside the circle we all come out full of life with different aspects from each mother of the same circle regardless if she recognizes it or not. The mother is everywhere in soul spiritually to include the father. Once again the mother is the key to changing humanity's way and not to give her power to boost her confidence of ignorance and own selfish agenda, nope, but it is to acknowledge how much power she has on a day to day basis that she could be abusing not even aware of it. If she is closest to the all, god, universe, everything then expect your sons to be sacrificed daily just as the shield but only the shield can be renewed by the power of healing and mothers all have that power of a guardian angel and not the figurine in the fantasy books but the power from within. As long as accountancy is abuse by her then so will the original man disappear without a doubt and it is evident from birth to death the number greatly increase and drop, though the enemies or so called other hue-man beings just don't walk into peoples homes and take children lives away no. It starts within first and most of the time like God in the Bible the Son is given away to be sacrifice as he is looked at strong and a man and not mankind as mankind is a kind of man though the original man is the man. So in her mind and heart deep down inside the original man in any form shape and fashion is looked at as "superman". But it is a two edge sword with that too and we all know the tales very well. Even superman got a weakness and it's not drugs or food or anything but the original wombman whether in a personal aspect, son, nephew or cousin effect. It is all cause and effect. Yes indeed, from my studies and continuous studies as a young black man who have travel the world and will keep on traveling sees too much hatred in the world as the world is indeed truly yours too and not just a niche. Do your own research as most of mine came from live experiences, estimating probably at 90 something percent worldwide. Peace.

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