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Dec 18, 2014
When the Russians invaded Ukraine I began to keep track of the growing conflict. I am not a fan of warfare I never keep track of conflicts of the ground battles in Iraq or Afghanistan because they were fought with more conventional weapons no nuclear arms nor was there a threat of an outbreak of atomic war.
But as I previously wrote the war in Ukraine is something we all should be concerned about since Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert. Yes I began to watch this invasion very closely and started somewhat admiring how the Kraines stood up to the Russian armies'

But all of this changed thanks to BBC news two weeks ago when an distressed African sister let the cat out of bag of how African college students they were being treated while trying to evacuate Ukraine with the white natives of that country
. Many of them were being turned away from trains beaten at the Ukraine and Polish border verbally abused with racial slurs and being turned from entering Poland. My anger went through the ceiling when I found more information the plight of Africans students trying to escape the war in Ukraine. On Twitter there are videos one which shows a lone African young man being beaten by a small mob of white Ukraines. There were many accounts about the treatment these very bright young African women and men were receiving from the Kraines and Polish authority.

I am so dumbfounded by these racist people who stand before the cameras and ask for sympathy from the world and have nerve to talk about how the Russians are ruthless and violent against Ukraine but look at them and how they hate and mistreat Black people. I don't watch what is happening to them anymore. Because I would only be listening to white snakes with double standards. My only concern is what Putin might try to attempt the next few months after all the sanctions begin to severely impact Russian.

Atomic bombs won't separate Blacks around the world from whites and save the black race from annihilation. If the bombs fall, we all will get burned to ash.

I wish all of the Black colleges in America would put an open invitation to African students to come and attend school in America someday. That is if Putin doesn't start a war with the United States. African students deserve to be a better environment for their studies.

I have included additional information about what African students were experiencing while trying escape Ukraine.

Thank you for taking time to read this thread. I hope you will overlook my grammar mistakes. I was very upset and angry while writing this. :icon8::icon8::icon8:



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