Brother AACOOLDRE : Together???? No. Its a Black & White Divide

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    TOGETHER??????????????? NO Black vs White Divide

    By Andre Austin

    The media and politicians are going around saying Black & Whites are together here in the wilderness of North America (USA). This is a fool’s talk.

    Are we together in prison, at College, at the Bank, in public schools, in Employment rates, in Dying from handguns, in church, in owning Houses,??????????

    We are together in the Army in serving Corporate America imperial interest.

    We are together in police units designed to help suppress and oppress the status quota of the Ghetto.

    The Catholic colony of Maryland in 1638 were the first to set the stage for black slavery by its first public edict or policy against blacks was issued by the Maryland Colonial assembly. The edict declared blacks ineligible and to be excluded and or permitted to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a white man’s world. This Maryland edict became the founding public policy for the use and treatment of blacks from which white racism, Jim Crowism and segregation later grew. (See Black Labor, White Wealth p.156-157 By Claud Anderson). We see a Black Jesus, White Gospel.

    This is what happened after they took ISIS, tweeked and twisted her and changed her name into Mary. You see their stolen, altered religion is political social and economic imperialism; a change from its original state in Egypt.

    Now they turnt out Isis further and now associate her name with terrorism in their media.