Black Poetry : Together Forever

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    When I looked into your eyes I knew you were the one
    Love was the essence of my mere existence
    Those walks in the park all alone
    We were both holding are own
    Sweet kisses and the poems would flow
    Yet in a vision you take me away to a beautiful place
    Where kings and queens hold there own in the scene
    I used to dream of far off places certain traces
    You were always there in my arms
    Your eyes would twinkle in the sun having fun
    Now all the years have passed having every reason to grasp
    The truest love that I ever knew
    Perhaps I have bitten off far more then I could chew
    Together forever no matter what the weather
    When I go to a show or a club you will be by my side
    Friends that want to run away to hide
    Many as of late watch as things slide
    No you are the woman that I adore
    love in the purest taste not some Peyton Place
    we have come this far not to turn back now
    can't turn around when my hands on the plow
    sugar is sweet so sweet like honey
    I'm going to be the man that takes home the money
    Nothing phoney just you & I
    listening to music that sets us free from the likes of Stevie B
    Lavert & Kenny G taking our love to places that see
    Not to mention Al Green man all those people would scream
    Luther Vandross & Barry White taking us through the night
    man they don't make music like they used to
    at last the latest trend was a Rooster
    Girl I'm going to take you higher then ever before
    lest I implore another open door
    you will see in time we shall shine
    she dances on a ring of fire yet throws off its challenge with a shrug
    folks today sweep old school underneath the rug
    But I got to keep it real where others insist being no big deal
    Your the one for me the woman I adore
    I dedicate my life to you always until the end my baby & love