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    PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 12:44 pm Post subject: Whites Ask Zimbabwe For Farm Land Reply with quote

    Tofa Nenzara <[email protected]> wrote:

    I loved your first paragraph Chief Elder, it makes a
    lot of sense and i will dare say, I wish all Mwananchi
    netters could try as best to follow that same premise.

    However (you know that was coming...) it's your 6th
    and 7th paras that i need to ask you in relation to
    your 1st. Either you are contradiciting yourself, or
    you are insulting us black Africans.

    When black Africans challenge the staus quo, they are
    a "confused" lot, how? Why? Your arguement seems to
    come to a forgone conclusion that it is the "outside
    forces" causing confusion, and that the Zimbabwean
    people's own ability to see, think, analyze is
    inferior, or incapable of knowing what is right or
    best for them. Also, it seems we black people in
    Africa gullible, and thus have no capacity to see and
    judge for ourselves whether or not Mugabe is the right
    person for us, and, by extension, cannot and should
    not join any opposition parties on a willing basis?
    We are not supposed to object, or dislike whatever we
    may conclude with 'our inferior' minds as bad policies
    that Mugabe propagates, it seems.

    Beloved I neither contridict myself when it come to the needs of Afrika, unless it is absolutely necessary and in my Missive here i see no contradiction, now, I beg to differ with you claiming that Afrikan people know what is best for them, when I am observing the present condition of not only Zimbabwe but all of Afrika, no beloved, we Afrikans have nothing to be proud of concerning our attitudeand behavior we now display toward our Black so call Afrikans selves and this is in reference to wherever we are on this planet.

    Now I know you should know that I know there are Afrikans leaders that must be questioned and even ran out of Afrika, but you are being some what remiss if you believe that Afrikans Behavior is not agitated and influenced by the enemy themselves that have worked to put Afrika and Afrikans in the condition we now find ourselves.

    It is my hope that I am not twisting, or traking out
    of context anything that you wrote, but that's the
    message that i am reading from what you wrote. In my
    confused opinion, what James and Eddie are saying
    makes sense, and, in all fairness, is being taken out
    of the context that those statements were made. here's
    Beloved you have taken what I said out of context, but I do not hold that against you and by the way, I make it a practice not to react to what others say but act based on my level of knowledge of the subject, so I was responding to the Subject itself and no one else, as I indicated my agreement with what Lil Joe
    shared with us concern Land Use, and I take nothing back in that regard.

    There is no money for commercial production on farms.
    The new black commercial farmers have been on the
    farms for 6 years now, and they have no title deeds to
    those lands, just '99-year lease offer letters' (not
    contracts) that can be withdrawn at short notice.
    My point exactly, why is there no money, are you saying it is all because of the " exploitative dictatorial goverance " by president Mugabe, is he Zimbawe main problem, I do not accept that, now I know there will be a difference in what the people of a Government agree, is the best way for the government to be govern and yes there are Zimbabweans that disagree with President Mugabe but it is not fair for you to imply that the Zimbabwe people in is in disagreement with President Mugabe and Zimbabwe present problem is all of president Mugabe fault, as if outside forces are not interfering in the government of Zimbawe needed affairs.
    Imagine yourself, Chief Elder, (in the US, I presume)
    with a Social Security Number - that can be withdrawn,
    and also with no credit history. One is sh** out of
    luck. (At least with a SSN one can get a job...)
    beloved, SS# is no paragon of Justice for Black people in america, it is no more than a way to collect the workers money and to keep track of our Black behind and it is only those that are filthy rich that benefit from SS.
    I am trying to understand your point here.

    commercial farmers have access to land, but can't use
    the same as collateral to get loans from commercial
    banks. Former (white) commercial farmers had
    marketable title deeds that they could put up, the new
    black farmers don't. There was even talk of
    threatening or forcing banks to change their policies
    (but no talk of giving the farmers title deeds, or
    concrete leases.)

    I take it that you contribute this Farming Land situation to president Mugabe , Right, are you desiring that everything return back to the status quo for Zimbabwe ? Is that what you really want ?
    That needs to be addressed first, before we can talk
    of outside propaganda confusing us poor Africans.
    Beloved that is my point, that will not happen, because
    of those outside forces, yet the villian has been made to be president Mugabe, now this is not to imply that you have no justified complaints concerning your President and that is a problem that the people of Zimbabwe has to deal with themselves and it stand to reason, if your feelings number among the Majority, then you have a duty to cause a change to take place yourselves and not some outside dictators.
    No money, no production. New farmers would rather
    wait for the annual disbursement of heavily subsidized
    fuel grants, that they can get, turn around and sell
    for a quick profit at the black - sorry, parallel
    Beloved, and I take it that in your mind, President Mugabe is causing this problem, do you not ? I do not mean to put words in your mouth, but i must go on what you are saying and how you are presenting your dismay, Well some things are left up for you to work out, and find out who is the real culprit that is causing Zimbaweans problems.

    In any case, why grow wheat, or maize where
    there is only one authorised buyer a buyer who gets to
    set a favorable price for himself for your grain
    product, and whether or not to buy your product, and
    even if he buys it, chooses when to pay you and how.
    The fuel is easier with quick turnaround, not much
    labour, less risk and much higher returns, f**k the
    Beloved I fully understand what you are saying and based on what you are saying about the hardship now in Zimbabwe, the implication is that if president Mugabe is removed all of Zimbabwe problems will fade away, is this what you desire me and all others to accept as being True ?

    Look beloved, because I do not ridicule President Mugabe dose not mean I do not desire to see a thriving Zimbabwe economy, I am not your enemy, I am just pointing out the enemy to Zimbabwe and they reside outside of Zimbabwe, they desire to control the power within Zimbabwe and my advice to you is to not allow them to do so, the people of Zimbabwe is capable of causing Change in Zimbabwe, if it be the Majority will to do so.

    Beloved, I am not your enemy, unless you are a tool of our established oppressors from the outside, also I am not an enemy toPresiden Mugabe unless he is a party to reaping Unjustified gains at the people expense and it is my desire to one day meet with President Mugabe and the Zimbabwean people.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder