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    " My brothers, friends, and those who are fearing God, hear!
    God is good, His goodness endures forever.
    Listen to me, and know the benefits
    Of a favorable relationship with God.
    God chooses whom He favors and makes them prosper.
    God leads whom He favors out of oppression.
    God endures disobedience, for a short time,
    As a good loving father.
    God overthrows the enemies of the ones He favors.
    God gives upright men to make decisions,
    Strong leaders to rule,
    and provides assurance that He placed them there."

    " Listen to me!
    God has brought THE SAVIOR, Jesus
    Our righteousness as He has promised.
    To you today, I bring the message of salvation.
    Don't be among the ones
    That do not recognize Jesus!
    Don't be among the ones
    That say " away with Jesus !"
    Don't be like those that said " crucify him!"
    I beg you, today
    Don't reject the message of salvation,
    And the One Savior, Jesus. "

    "Jesus was condemned
    And His condemnation made true
    The words of the prophets.
    God in Christ received a death sentence for you.
    Innocent blood drenched the cross for you;
    The spotless, sinless, guiltless lamb of God
    Slain on the cross for you."

    " Please, I beg you today!
    Don't reject the One Savior, Jesus!
    He has already been humiliated, tortured, spat upon.
    Paraded through the streets.
    Please, I beg you today!
    Don't reject the Savior, Jesus,
    That was sentenced to death,
    A horrible death, a death slow and unmerciful,
    The death on the cross for you."

    "They murdered An innocent man,
    God in Christ, God's only begotten Son,
    Murdered on the cross for you.
    The words of the prophets became true
    When the One Savior, Jesus
    Died on the cross for you."

    "After God in Christ, the One Savior, Jesus
    Was dead! dead! dead!
    His lifeless body was entombed,
    Placed in a grave for you.
    The Savior, Jesus died for you.
    I beg you in the name of Jesus,
    Do not reject the One Savior, Jesus ! Today!"

    "The good news, the message of salvation is
    God raised Jesus from among the dead for you,
    and he was seen by those who had traveled with Him.
    From Galilee to Jerusalem."

    "Listen to me! I tell the truth!
    and bring you good news!
    What God promises He fulfills.
    God promised to provide a Savior
    God has proved He has provided a Savior
    By raising Jesus from among the dead, for you
    The One Savior, Jesus, God's Son
    Raised from among the dead, for you
    God did not let His Son, the One Savior, Jesus
    The Holy one, see decay."

    "This world has produced great people, good people.
    But death and decay was their end!
    God has placed His seal of approval on
    The One Savior, Jesus, His Son,
    By raising Him from among the dead,
    and not letting Jesus after death rreturn to decay.
    Praise God; the One Savior, Jesus lives today!"

    "Are you lost? Are you unsaved? Are you unsure?
    Is sin weighing you down?
    Are the everlasting torments of hell your desire?
    or would you be saved today from hell and its fire?"

    "Listen to me,
    My brothers, friends, and those who are fearing God, hear!
    I want you to know that
    Through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.
    Through Jesus everyone who believes is justified from everything.
    They could not be justified from by the law of Moses.
    Today, I beg you,
    Listen and hear!
    Beware that what the prophets have said
    Does not happen to you -----
    Look! You rejecting, unbelieving,
    Despiser's and scoffers,
    Be amazed wonder! and perish (disappear)!,
    For I am going to do something in your days
    That you would never believe
    Even if someone told you."

    "Today! Accept the grace of God, the Savior Jesus.
    Today! Let Jesus become your righteous!
    Today! Do not reject the word of God!
    Today! Do not consider (judge) your selves unworthy of eternal life."

    " God has commanded that I become
    The Light to those that stumble in darkness,
    and The Rescuer of those drowning in sin.
    Today! Eternal life is offered to you.
    Today! Forgiveness of sin is offered to you.
    Today! I bring the good news, the message of salvation."

    "Who amongst you is happy to hear this news?
    Who is glad and will honor (glorify) the word of the Lord?
    Today! You can have your sins forgiven
    through the Savior, Jesus
    Today! Through the Savior, Jesus
    everyone who is believing is being justified.
    Today! If your heart feels the love of God,
    Today! If your mind knows God's mercy
    Is through The Savior, Jesus
    And His death and resurrection.
    Come forward if you will confess with your mouth
    The Lord Jesus and believe in your heart
    That God has raised Him from the dead, and
    You will be saved, today! And counted as one appointed
    For eternal life, Today!"

    By Maximus the Evangelist
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    in your atmosphere...
    praise god for his mighty works maxi, this is a very powerful and much needed message,

    thank u for sharing and welcome to destees poetic playground:wave: i hope u like ur stay here>
    much love,
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    I will if mods do not bann me
    thank you
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    BUSINESS owner
    well felt Amen .......

    mod don't just bann they uphold rules and regulation
    continue to flow !
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    Welcome Max :)
    God is too good all the time :)
    Praise him from whom ALL blessings flow :)
    blessed piece/peace ;) :)
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    ~The hidden library...~
    Fanatic – a person with an “Extreme” enthusiasm or zeal as in “Religion”.

    Dear Maximus Evangel:

    I am unsure as to your intentions for joining this forum but I believe your efforts would be more received in the spirituality and religion forum.

    I encourage you to read and “absorb” the forum rules. Meanwhile, I will be taking the initiative in contacting the Community Moderators of this forum regarding the defacement you so ably took the time to place upon my work as well as other poets within this forum.

    If you are indeed a true representative of Christ, please do let your acts reflect the beauty of Christ, if you plan to continue representing him. Somehow, I do not feel he would be pleased with your “gorilla warfare tactics”.

    I will be reposting my piece ,that you defaced for other readers and fellow poets of common open mindedness regarding creativity and freedom of expression.

    Feel free “Not” to comment!

    Thank you
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    The Lone-Star State
    Max the ax, praise God!