Black Poetry : To Whom It May Concern


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People think they know you

yet they couldn't be far from the truth

they look at the outward appearance

and see

a vision of a very beautiful young lady

actually beautiful doesn't begin to do you justice


there is more

what they fail to see

is the depth of your soul

thinking they have you figured out

they haven't even scratched the surface

have they ever perused your mental

to see just who you are?

have they explored

the many chambers of your heart

to find out what really drives you

to be the woman you were destined to be?

when brothers approach

are they looking at the natural

never venturing further into the spiritual

the real essence of who you are?

do they give gifts expecting


or do they play endless mind games

thinking you are clueless?

then they really don't know you

do they?

For you see they have allowed themselves to be blind

to what is in plain sight

they want to be your King

but they never truly honor you as Queen

for if they did then they would realize that

their destiny

is you

but instead they never truly walk in the role

of King therefore they can never claim you as their Queen

For you are far beyond the ordinary

far beyond the mundane

fashioned after the Heart of God

never to be taken for granted

never to be shunned

you command attention

because of who you are

so until that King who is worthy

comes along and kisses your soul

just know that there is one

who sees who you really are


Tantalizing woman of God

whose persona is






Every Man's Dream

But One Man's DESTINY.
and do they know who you are?
fearfully and wonderfully made
carefully woven
essence unashamed
do they know who you are?
with your lips
you erect demolished structures
of once majestic architecture
you breathe and speak truth and destiny and hope
and rebirth a hopeless future
do you they know who you are?

Bishop!-long time no see, lovely read! lovely read!
Thanks, for blessings from da windy city!
How's the weather forcast looking for today?
I was going to visit some family in winter in chi town and won't be doing that however. I think I'll have to make my rounds to the windy city in august-october.

Much Love,
Desert Storm
Hi Bishop
This flow is so lovely and peaceful.
I can feel how you took the time
to embrace the heart, so lovingly
This is just what a woman need to read,
With hope, faith and trust as her border.
Waiting for the one who is to be Her King to cross
And that He would take the time to
Look within her heart and soul and feel the
essence of Her the woman.



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