Black Poetry : To Whom it may concern.


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Mar 21, 2001
It's a thin line
between love and hate
the small and the great
being early or late;
between doubt & faith;
between a nine and an eight,
a stroll and a date.
If you're patient
then wait,
only JAH knows your fate
and holds the keys
to heaven's gate.
You be the fish
I'll be the bait!
You're either crooked
or you're straight,
within these walls I now vibrate
on things you might
not contemplate.
This is the real,
some call me great!
No need to twist or else debate,
just pour a drink,let's celebrate,
and let these lyrics penetrate.
If you can't feel me
don't relate.
I didn't come to educate,
so don't berate,nor desecrate.
If you ain't getting none
just masturbate,
and if you can't wait
don't hesitate.
It's either you're hungry
or else you done ate,
whatever your appetite is
I will fix your plate.
This here's worser than trigonometry,
ain't no way you could calculate;
the direction I may take,
'cause without a mind compass
you couldn't navigate!
You'd be searching with your
eyes wide open
yet you could not cogitate
how this bard facilitates,
lyrics so sharp
they could castrate,
yet good enough to-
the real lingua franca.
End of debate!!!
(c) YeshuJah


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