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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Today, there are not many serious Afrikan Black Nationalist and to understand President Mugabe, require that you be more than a native born in Afrika, because today, the most uninformed about Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan, is the Afrikan, they who never had the experience of forced extraction away from Afrika, not for political reason, but for simply because you are a Black Afrikan, which mean, that the prerequisite for being qualified to speak on the ills of Afrikans in Afrika, is not that you must have been born in Afrika, the prerequisite for such a qualifying, is that you must have returned back in possession of your so call Black Afrikan Mind, and the qualification for doing that is, you must be of the so call Black Afrikan linage, with an ability to communicate with the Divine First Way Ancestors, they which did come to that land now referred to as Afrika.

    So it require a special type of so call Black Afrikan Mind, in order to See and to speak Divinely about what is happening in Afrika, and to the Afrikan in Afrika, and in Zimbabwe in particular, at this present time, so all who wear the Phenotype of a so call Afrikan, is no longer Afrikan Mentally, and they are those who now harbor a deep disrespect for the President Of Zimbabwe today, which no longer can you identify the True Afrikan by the Black Coat that is worn today.

    Now, why is it that the Afrikan in Afrika is so divided over the action of President Mugabe, claiming he has long over stayed his welcome in Zimbabwe and that his stay is because he now rule with a brute and determine Hand, taking not into consideration of the Zimbabwe Traitors that are present not just in Zimbabwe, but in ALL OF AFRIKA, AND THEY ARE THOSE THAT WEAR THE SAME PHENOTYPE COAT, BUT ARE TRAITORS TO AFRIKA AND THE SERIOUS SO CALL BLACK NATIONALIST AFRIKANS.

    In order to respect the action of Mugabe, it require for you to be able to respect the Mind of a Black so call Revolutionary, such a Mind carry a willingness to Die, being protective of Afrika and of the Black Nationalist Afrikan, it matters not one **** what the so call Afrikan Traitors believe of such a Revolutionary Mind, because the Land is more important than the politics of acceptance and the deceiving pomp and show, that is received and welcome by those who are out to maintain control over Afrika and they do so by belittling the so call Black Afrikan Revolutionary, in this case he happen to be President Robert Mugabe, he whom all of Afrikans should be praising and planning to emulate in Afrika.

    Here is the Afrikan Problem in Afrika, there are now Uncle Tom Afrikans in Afrika and they are they are dead set to do the oppressors colonialist bidding, which is to dethrone any and all rebellious Afrikans, those who have the audacity to Think for themselves and in the best interest of the Afrikan People, thus for the Land of Afrika as well.

    A True Black Nationalist Afrikan Revolutionary is worthy of praise and support and you do not treat a Revolutionist, as if that action is of a Fad or Fashion, with a shelf date to expire at a Time of the enemy choosing.

    The Afrikan Black Revolutionary, fully understand that when protecting the sovereignty of the Afrika Land, there will be collateral Damages, which will be the Victims that is of so call Black Afrikan, they being of Black folks Lineage, but the damage to the Afrikan victims are not caused by the Revolutionary, the damage is caused by the absent of the Divine Mind of those victims, which caused them to become and to do Traitorous Acts, against the Sanity of the sovereignty of the Afrika Land, in an attempt to interrupt the order of Governing as been so designed by the Mind, not of the Oppressing Colonialist, but of the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan Revolutionary, which in this instance, happen to be the President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe.

    Anybody in their Divine Mind, should know when a country is depended upon foreign assistance and the country giving the assistance is not happy over the way the sitting government is being conducted, it being conducted in a Revolutionary way, causing the reaction to be that which come from the Colonialist, having repressive goals against that Afrikan state, which is to impose Sanction, not against the government, but against the people of that government, so who is the criminal in such a situation as that, certainly not the government, which the colonialist is attempting to topple in order to gain control over the people of the country State being penalized with such Sanction against them, and they end up blaming the Leader of the Government for the Melt down of the state economy, in an attempt to make it to be difficult for the leader of that government to function, all because the sitting government is a Revolutionary government, that is for and of the People and in this case, the people are the Afrikans of Zimbabwe.

    Mugabe is revealing the weakness of Afrika and that weakness happen to be all of those Despots calling themselves Leaders of Afrikan States, yet out to condemn the Revolutionary action of the bold and Proud Black so call Afrikan Revolutionary, President Mugabe, he seemingly to be the last of his breed in Afrika, which is why I urge that proven Warrior in Afrika, remain fast in protecting the sovereignty of the Land of Zimbabwe.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved

    Be Kind To Your Afrikan Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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