Black People : To truly let go

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    To truly let go of all intruding mind created illusions (very well masked as realism) and/or egotistical delusional agendas, then always remain centered through thy very center where all within “the all” that there is must inevitably return to inevitably so for never truly disconnecting from, as that illusion is truly delusional… And “foolishly” remain “(t)here” too, as you will…be called a ********* “fool” too. Even still, remain right (t)here anywhere is or anywhere that anywhere takes you only to further master thy truest mind-self through OUR unified soul (where God even still resides anywhere is). A centering realm that will eventually pull all misguided extensions led by disconnecting ‘thoughts’ back into its very core and all through one’s very center… The celestial place that you never truly “divide” from and the only place that you are actually at, which is why you are destined to return "(t)here"… Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.