Black Poetry : To trip mean to stumble I've seen lips crumble after a kiss hard to master this a ghetto blaster can


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May 11, 2006
To trip mean to stumble I've seen lips crumble after a kiss
hard to master this a ghetto blaster can twist eardrums list
is made can't miss the parade, plain and simple see a dame
with a dimple in her jaw and that occur as raw love my aim
is to get a date on the spot don't know rather it's cake or not
green mean not ripe got extreme hot hype” “SO BOO give me hot
cream tonight I dream we might marry after the wedding then
it's bedding, heading to the room after the thresh hole been
told you I love you boo, dig your perfume and like a big balloon
the scent float in the air I hope to prepare for a date real soon”
“NAW PLAYER If have lips of love and one boy tripped in the mud
trying to kiss them lying and missed the pantie trim wow I walked
away enough talk for today, need boss help can't afford to be stalked
and take a false step like DIANNA ROSS accept a supreme deal and
be a queen for real make crazy moves be a lady that sing the blues hand
BILLY DEE a kiss oh how silly of me daydreaming like DOROTHY in
the WIZARD OF OZ must find that yellow brick road oh so then
my breast are to be kiss just don't make a mess of this one
boy tried and missed and I ran away my kissers was jest red fun
and I know the bed come next he wanted some sex, but I ducked
I'm a KOREAN GIRL boys go crazy when the flow of my gravy tucked
in bed so I'm in a mini-skirt with plenty flirt not just any jerk can
knock my boots got flock of cahoots in the past my butt work stands
out my lace has red trim your words make my head swim like fish
because you want pie crust and cake and that can frustrate a girl's wish
and her world go swish and you wanna throw a kiss at my lips and reminisce
mold is growth on bread I'm bold and post threads to stay in
force then lay the course like navigation then grab a nation play to win
EBONICS is like economics up and down but my butt is round oh KOREAN
girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH right now hot on the spot EUROPEAN
chicks are here to in clear view, oh KOREAN girls go through a lot in
VIRGINIA BEACH this is a mad one love had begun clouds cleared then
the crowd feared this must stop can't trust HIPHOP make me lust non-stop
“OK BOO you got them sweaty oriental thighs and sentimental pies ready
to dry my eye boo you so good make me cry want cake and lemon pie sweaty
like athletes my path complete and my math is heat take a bath and eat
some rice cake, then flow more and go ashore like ships on crack a fleet
of words some heat that's unheard of boo, to talk start was just a walk
in the park after an English class became distinguish fast use the chalk
on black boards, so boo drove around the city wanna be down and witty
looking for a crown like P DIDDY but I'm not a BAD BOY on a committee
with BIGGY SMALL yall baby baby baybay when into a room my menu bloom
and girl your perfume get sniffed a wet drift of scent my CD holds the tune
my bone marrow peeks while in narrow streets like CUPID my arrow balloons
love affairs, so girl you in the right town get dressed in your nightgown and
panties let me satisfy your wet phat pie boo, what you say huh? My plan
juggling bling like a smuggling ring it's puzzling to sing the wrong song
I grow with books while girls sew and cook you got yellow thighs ding dong
goes the doorbell and your beauty soar well and I got more to tell trips
the alarm an intruder on my computer going to HOOTERS eat chips
NAW PLAYER you see new laces and walk a few paces then chases the hips
and lips be red hot make a boy shake his head a lot they make bedrock and flip
like FRED FLINTSTONE, this is a tender agenda with splendor of a blender
wanna make drinks to sip with cake that's pink at your lips just love the slender
way got my dress pulled down not impress in this town best frown on this
some clown gonna want a kiss, it's an empty kiss when no sprung tongue crisp
is involved, my body require charm and like a fire alarm boys are called to duty
to look at all this booty you wanna activate facts that are great need snacks fruity
on your plate


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May 11, 2006
to look at all this booty you wanna activate facts stack up smarts need snacks fruity
on your plate, rap facts no doubt but I'm gonna back out of this conversation
could lead to domination in the bed room and there I spread perfume situation
will arise because you're gonna go crazy on it, got cake for a rabbit boys need
to break the habit of yelling “bam! Bam! Thank you mam” while love feed
the hungry, can sang a little but not ready to hang up the fiddle dang in
the middle of the love talk you wanna kiss you gonna miss my lips when
I duck then your luck will play a part boys want my KOREAN fly pie
because it's high and dry so I'm a concerned female ready to try
burn a trail when I turn-tail and run from this one kiss could change
my life so strange advice is needed eat a phat Hershey now rearrange
at the mercy of chocolate but a KOREAN girl rocket the stuff she do
in a car while eating a chu chu bar so I'm in the hands of fate a few
boys have plans for cake so I stand awake and alert they wanna take
off my skirt and do some boss work down there juice around that's great
for cake but not going on a date, I play hop scotch but this is top notch
like TOM CRUISE in an airplane calm and smooth in an affair with game
I'm not a thot but you wanna be a hotshot in a drop top with the flame
of a dragon, you want some galore ready to come ashore I'm a legit
peach you wanna hit the beach and git to reach for my panties they fit
right “AW BOO we cans go to the bar and jazz and as far as sex we on
point, love the bed and these words could be above your head a strong
mattress is needed, to vanish mean to disappear and when I speak Spanish
wanna kiss my dear so this here can be a love affair for real love Danish rolls


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May 11, 2006
all types of facts in these plus I like to snack on cheese but no mickey mouse is in the house but folks worship computers then go to HOOTERS and discuss stuff, eat between meals their scheme is real take small bites and chew all night got a crew that write BLACK HIP HOP we attack wearing flip flops and considered at the tip top of the game, tower in strange vibes with the power to change lives go shower and rearrange my jive, a fare is money for a ride need a honey with pride to take to a dance and make romance happen

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