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Apr 3, 2007
This is a response to the poster, "three_sixty," regarding his contribution here.

I can't post on the site but I know people here visits the site. Y'all who do, bring dat brah ova heah cuz I got some questions.

1. What year did Zimbabwe win their independence?

2. How many times in the known history of the world, has there ever been a liberation war, when the powers that be, didn't divide the people, and set up one faction to thwart the independence effort? Name one time, brah. And name one time when it wasn't extremely bloody for the people. They claim 10--20000 died in Zimbabwe's birth pains, but how many died in Pol pot's effort to liberat vietnam, or Mao's to liberate china, or Castro, Cuba, or Stalin, Russia, or Gerge Washington, the British, American colonies, etcc;?

3. You see what's happening in Zimbabwe today? What do you think would have happened in 1981, before Mugabe, had even got a good foothold on his government, if he had tried to buck against all the world's power like he does now? When you're weak, in this world there aint nothing you can do but deal and compromise, and anybody who thinks any different, is still believing in Santa Claus and the easter bunny.

I'm not trying to be contentious. If you will, I'm truly interested in your response.

I don't know if you remember, but I made a post a long time ago, from legitimate sources that gave a more balanced view of what happened during that "civil war" between blacks in Zimbabwe. That wasn't no one-sided thing, or a case of Mugabe, picking on people for the hell of it. He was still in liberation war mode, and in that fight for Zimbabwe, he had as much a right to continue his fight to course her future as the leaders of the Nededele.

I once posted that Mugabe was never overly bloody and I stand by that. You see what happened in the Country of Myanamar recently? How many people has Mugabe had shot down, just for protesting once the war for independence was over and the government was stable?

Believe me man, I hate black on black violence. And I don't try to minimize in anyway, what happened to the Ndebele(peace be unto them), but people like you need to first:

Know what you're talking about, so you will be able to present a balanced view if you are going to propagandize about something like this. And yes, you were propagandizing with them post, just like I'm propagandizing with mine, except I never initiate anything, but when I see stuff in these circles that's important to me, Ima say my piece.

And the only way you can do that is research. It's easy to find the Anti--Mugabe view. But to find the balanced view you are going to have to dig a little deeper, than grabbing something off some website. Anybody can put up, and spout off on a website. Even me. I can't find that article, I spoke of, maybe Rastafarispeaks has it archived. If so, why don't you try to find it, and then see how much you want to keep on about the man, who whether he is a saint or demon, is still the greatest beacon, for African/Black liberation--mentally, spiritually and metaphysically, than any black man since Nimrod. There's more going on with Mugabe and Zimbabwe, than what you can see with the eye, or intellectualize, and some black folks can see that, but Ima tell you, ALL white folks see it, that's what the hate and opposition among them for Mugabe is all but universal.

I'm tired of living under the white man and his endless bull****. And I don't care who liberate me and my children. And I don't care if they got dirt stains on their white robes, or if they committed adultery when they were having their life threaten evey single minute of the day, or if they love Jesus, or if they had red hair, or once wore a conk. I aint standing up, but I sure aint going to try to drag down the ones who do--especially based on nothing but enemy propaganda.

I'm not saying that I would just blindly support anything just because they are black and making pretensions. And I'm not saying that negative views of a man is not every bit as important to know as positive ones. I'm saying that if I'm going to help the enemy bring down a black man who stands up, I'm going to first know what I'm talking about--not what they are talking about.

Some balance veiw of the tragic Nedebele/Mugabe situation.

Read all the way down.

You have to dig like a Mofo, to find the other side of the story, because for every balanced veiw of Mugabe, you have to wade through a million sheets of anti-Mugabe prop.

Nothing excuses the harming of Civilians by the military, and I'm not chosing between Black peoples, I'm just think in fairness and truth, the other side of the story should at least be presented. There's another side to Mugabe's intervention in the Congo too, but you'll have to dig to find it.

Having said all that. I want to humbly appologize to ALL the people of Zimbabwe, for spouting off about their lives, Country and history, based on nothing but what I've "researched". And when the people of Zimbabwe collectively tell me that Mugabe is this great evil on the surface of the earth, then I'll accept it. Anything less than that is just anti-Mugabe propaganda to me.

As always Mardukson.

Proud and forever son of Nimrod, king of Babylon.


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