Site News : To Those Who Lost Signatures in the Last Upgrade

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    The signature policy was changed after our last big upgrade, removing all of them that did not belong to a Premium Member account. This is how it will be moving forward. If you're not a Premium Member, the signature will be deleted.

    Prior to this, everyone was allowed to keep their signature, even if they were no longer Premium.

    Well ... i have those signatures available for those of you who may want them and didn't keep a copy for yourself. They are backed up exactly as they were (though i won't promise to keep this backup forever).

    If you want your old signature returned to you, as some had images, etc., just send me a private conversation or post below, sooner rather than later, and i'll get it to you.

    Moving forward, please keep / get a copy of your signature before your Premium Membership expires, as this offer applies only to those that lost them due to the March, 2014 upgrade and change of policy.

    Love You!