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    the Akhuani begins by Diallo Sekou

    "Look, brother, it’s simple, " the Akhuani begins. A robin swoops from its perch upon a low branch of a dry and brittle tree. Landing, quickly, it tugs at a worm trying to retreat to safety beneath the still moist ground. The worm tries valiantly to escape, but is ripped from the earth and devoured.
    " We’re at war with the Aryans--because they are genocidal maniacs and must be fought simply for survival's sake--that should be obvious.
    We’re at war with the Vikings and their berserker Varangian guard because they see us the same way the Aryans do--as their natural victims.
    We’re at war with the Noble Scion of Gleaming Neoptolemus because they see themselves as sons of Achilles , sons of Alexander and they see us as Trojans and Persians--people they are destined to loot and pillage.
    We’re at war with the Mafioso because they think they’re still the Romans and we’re still the Carthaginians. We’re at war with the apartheid-Arabs because they see blacks as their slaves and they still occupy our lands.
    We’re at war with the apartheid-Hindus because they still oppress our Black Dravidian brethren. We’re at war with the Chou and other white skinned racist Asians who oppress the descendants of the Khmers, Malays, Montangnards, Shang ,Xia, the ‘Negritos’ --the millions of original, indigenous blacks of Asia.
    We’re at war with the apartheid-Hispanics who still operate the color caste system like the apartheid-Hindus and apartheid-Arabs still do -- black on the bottom, brown in the middle and light on the top.
    We’re at war with any group that seeks to suppress us, enslave us, exploit us, steal from us, rob us, rape us, erase us and white wash our history.
    We’re at war with them not by choice of our own, but simply because for each one of them I just mentioned , the bulls' eye of their targets are always black. We are at war not because I said it, but because they do it . They wage an unspoken war on the blacks. They all have done so, for so long they don’t have to say, “We declare war”.
    War was declared thousands of years ago when their cultures first developed and came in contact with ours--it was their agenda then and still is now. We have been fools not to have seen it and responded intelligently. Thus generation after generation of blacks fall for the same ‘okey doke’ from these people. This is the main reason they say blacks are stupid. It's right in front of our face but we fail to peep it.
    The Europeans have been at war against us since at least 1200 BC. That's 3200 years of war --beginning with the Greek war against the city state of Troy--The Greek and later, Roman war against the black extended family of what was once a black Mediterranean. That war between Africa and Europe for control of the Mediterranean basin lasted 1000 years. It began with the Trojan war and ended with the Roman annihilation of Carthage.
    By the Greek's own oral tradition --and hidden in plain sight--Memnon the Ethiopian Prince was slain by Achilles while fighting on the side of the Trojans.
    Memnon's father was King Priam's brother. This made Memnon the nephew of Priam King of Troy ,and also nephew to Hecuba the Queen of Troy, Priam's wife. This of course made Memnon the Ethiopian prince, first cousin to Hector , Paris and Cassandra-- the royal family of Troy. Why didn’t the Brad Pitt movie about ‘Troy’ tell you any of this ?
    When the son of Achilles first slew the aged King Priam and then threw Astanayx, the young infant son of the slain Prince Hector, from the walls of Troy to the child's death, he explained to Andromache , the child’s mother and Hector’s widow, ' The boy might one day become a king of Troy. And We want no more kings of Troy'.'
    That’s what today we don’t understand. That’s what the very Temples of Gubal that I gave 30 years of my life to help build seem to have forgotten.
    You and the Temples are making a big mistake--you are making the same mistake our ancestors repeatedly made over the centuries in dealing with these people --A TRUCE IS NOT THE SAME AS PEACE--they might temporarily grant truce when it suits them , but you can never expect total peace...

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    Hi Brother Oldsoul:

    although this is very true in one aspect....

    mostly we are still at war with ourselves collectively, not each individual, because we are still seeing what they want us to see...

    for example, when i look at the pyramids...most see something that needs to be figured out and re-mastered...

    most think that means trying to replicate, however, the mystery is very simple.

    when u look at them.. c art... c spirit...

    the only thing that could have created those no matter what anyone says is the spirit of love, cooperation, brotherhood and leadership.... that has survived the test of time and is still standing....

    it's the spirit that built them that can't be replicated...

    the whole world is either art...or a stage.... either ur the artist or the actor...but we are all a part of the design scheme...

    it's the elements within the sky that produce .... either they sustain or destroy..... by choice or by ignorance.... by hate or by love... by war or by peace....

    war is fine but it has become a means of rule ....

    u c the war here will never is as predictable as the pattern of the sky.......

    but the battle between good and evil.... it already happened... the only questions are.... r u there fighting... r u here waiting.... or r u here stayin...

    eventually men will destroy this place...

    and just like our ancestors knew we would be here and left us our memory of them.....

    it's inevitable that we will re-join them.....

    I am thankful for the Goddess.... She as the womb of the sky houses all elements of creation with patience, kindness, love, peace, honor and existence.....

    I honor she within my being as the Creative force as I am in her image made manifest equip with fertile abilities, and more so in her spirit which houses the sustainers of life and death....

    I await return with the same patience and hope that all will rise to the lessons of unconditional love.

    Each day I give life through her love as defined through my character....

    Although man can never kill the female principle...and will try.... she will never retaliate and cause all destruction.... they know her nature......

    that is why they always appeal to yours first.... the only thing that can cause her to start again here is her love for you..... and the only that can give them the opportunity to start, here again, is your hate for them....

    don't fight for peace, be peace, so we can go home.... and they can stay and fight among themselves.....