Black Parenting : To the single moms raising young Black men

Check this formula out...Mother + Father= Child, Mother-Father= Child, Father-Mother= Child, so in other words the Child is going to exist no matter what but how they are going to grow up into a King depends on whether or not he has space to "feel" like a King. Keyword SPACE. Stop thinking as your boy and start thinking Prince. I bet your whole mentality and emotional distraught will change to include desperation and not taking anything away from the brothers but we all in this mix together so play your part as Queen. You know Chess? Get it and play it well to increase your intelligent upbringing along with his...he is going to need land, food, water and shelter for himself so by default and definition you are going to need two Rooks now. Not an apartment or whatever but Rooks and not great big ole houses but one that will be efficient enough to house him and give him the ability to hone himself. Stop giving him toys and stuff that overtime when the costs add up it was a down payment on a hood house or a city government auction to include listings of houses for sale on HUD, and for sale by owners and see all of this take patience. Most sons like to build stuff word up! Think i'm lying? He's nothing but a revised ancient in your face all day long playing with the revise ancient Queen who better wake up and stop being so emotional leaving her mental state irrational and just get with the program of envisioning. Waiting on God is not the answer as God gave you the wisdom and knowledge with strength to endured and know how so use the powers to be or waste your gifts and talents purposely. Know thyself and your son aka Prince will know you. Now, to keep your son from occupying the streets once again he needs "space" and so, educate him on how to grow his own fruits and vegetables buy investing in yourself to keep land for him regardless of the acreage but do indeed watch the prices while playing "monopoly" and be smart about it too. Dodge the real estate agent at all cost cause they are you which the same knowledge is in the libraries but of course just common sense like would you rather keep continuing to go to grocery stores and welfare or just hit your own land and be grateful for all you've done which is the definition of being truly blessed? Stop spending your income taxes and other weekend adventures on koochie talks with rubbers or raw doing, needless clothing knowing it will not make you feel good in the end cause you gon' keep those receipts just in case you gotta make money back and those porno heels are killing "real beauty inside" to include hundreds of dollars on fake hair that will not grow, fast food is not your one stop shop no matter the cost and so called healthy menu, just altogether stop defending your ignorance and going insane and just being stubborn and i promise you daddy will come back or maybe daddy didn't know he had a child in the first place? Unsolved mysteries indeed. Don't try and clean yourself up like you innocent angel when going on dates cause brothers like myself see straight through that but unfortunately brothers like myself have enough heart to know at least you are trying your best though doing it the wrong starts from within and not outer. Gotta heal yourself in order to see your son who is Prince through with Queen herself in this story called "Chess and Monopoly". If you love yourself from within on a higher conscious level then indeed your son will feel it without a doubt. And don't cry about those left out moments that nobody taught you nothing...cause believe it or not it done happen to almost 90 percent of us so just imagine you are truly not alone and this is why i communicate to let you know this. Real talk. Your parents just gave you the raw survival kit and that's it cause even they lost their way of a cultural upbringing that was great. It is society's half fault and theirs a real Queen with great altitude not a black female with a poor attitude. Peace. Oh yeah i got more solutions and findings in the back of the book. I'm not mister know it all but a clever individual who traveled the world and saw just about it all. There is no real criteria of being an overseer or elder though seeing the world physically really does help and most of those brothers and sisters who been in the military one way or another are ones who should step-up but then again most are brainwashed. Now that is the raw truth. I got solutions and part of my personality is the Gemini...i can't tell you the rest cause i might have to will you into my fantasy or you can just use me as your personal talisman cause i would really like that though...yup your personal talisman.

(Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion) Copyright 2014


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