Black People : To "the *****" in all Black peoples

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    Wherever you are at...

    Wherever you are at is also where you do belong. And especially when you were "led" by the bias "thought" process of any other(s), because the natural speaker of God in thy very soul was in fact blatantly denied for an "extravagant" illusion called "the truth" that has absorbed you into your living reality. And dulls like sand dulls a double-edged blade... And to exit such delusional realms then re-enter "the mirror" through thy very center into the ever-presence of. All complications are re-simplified through the same one portal, which is the natural mystic in one's God-conscious child-like mind, that is Divinely designed through the pre-existence of to mirror one's very (unified) soul that documents the as is here and now. The all is Universal, all is astrological and/or math therefore all within "the all" must be a Divine alignment, as the all naturally is. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.