Black Poetry : To The Brotha It May Concern:

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    To The Brotha It May Concern: To The Brotha It May Concern: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

    The purpose of this letter is to inform and enlighten you
    To elevate your state of mind to a level that I'll know
    that you know that I'm threw

    With you and tired *** lies and dirty deeds that I despise and
    with essential principles constantly being compromised

    How could you believe so easily deceived that
    someday I wouldn't be your fool

    Whispering voices coupled with trifling choices
    In addition to pictures and phone numbers too!?

    It's been too long
    So many things gone wrong
    and your hold on me grew weak

    Your *** started smelling, cologne now repelling
    and I never noticed before, but, ****!, your breath stinks

    Little did I know that you had it in for me
    To use and destroy me..................I helped

    You mastermind the plan that would
    **** any dignity I had left

    Loved your Black *** when you fell short......In Bed
    over and over and over and over again

    Loved you when I couldn't catch an orgasm;
    Your **** was more like quick spasms
    One minute and some seconds later dead laid all enthusiasm.

    Loved you when there was no reason to
    Ignored moments of solitude
    when my soul begged me to leave, I told it no, I was gonna be true

    Years gone by and I grew strong
    sometimes with nights dreadfully long
    I felt like leaving you was so wrong

    Perservered through the rough times.....I held onto GOD
    Blissfully went through all the good times
    Lounging in the beauty of the sunshine

    In love under new management
    reflection, my new best friend
    hopes, dreams and goals will never end

    Finally reaching a higher point of inner beauty and peace
    A comforting place where self doubts decease
    Riding on life without a leash

    held by you,
    Directing and maneuvering my every move

    My Soul is flying and gliding, playing with the direction of the wind
    My Soul is free, My soul is free - what a lovely trade-in you..for..ME

    You can give it up! Us making up?! Coming together again in Love?
    With who? certainly not you, remember one minute maybe two?

    With all that said, I want you to stop invading my personal space
    I need you to stand at least 26 inches away
    Remember, I don't like hot *** breath all in my face

    So see, in conclusion the last thing I want around is you
    messing up my view
    of my future making its way through
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    :wave: Haaaaaaaaaaaaay Sweet-Journey :wave:

    ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~

    Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. I think the delay was because you had clicked on the option to include a poll but didn't add all of the options on the following screen, so the forum sent your post to the Moderation queue. We don't moderate posts, which is why I rarely look over there. Sorry for the delay in this peace getting to the page ... 'cause it's to whom it may concern needs to be reading this!

    Thanks for joining us and please make yourself at home.


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    welcome welcome welcome !!!!!

    welcome to da playground of Destee's place
    welcome to da flowz of many showz as u know
    as i watch from above da $$RICH$$ one sends
    u luv on dis vibe to da bruthas dis u scribe
    welcome within upon family & friendz we be kin
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