Black Poetry : To the blind Poet...

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    Some of ya'll text
    equivalent to phone sex
    long way from benevolent
    while trying to come off as elect

    use verbs to abuse words
    thought process
    is more less -procative'less
    esophagus text ...meaning "sucks"

    dump verbal garbage
    like landfills
    toxicidity kills
    herbal concoctions
    verbal options
    at your disposal to heal

    keep it real
    ban the fantasies
    ya' whole expression
    reveals calamities
    ya' levels of understanding
    is none...

    why even expose such ignorance
    such self contempt
    in an attempt
    to be recognized
    in poetic light
    when your light is far from

    ego stripping
    follows ego tripping
    Peace! Be still! -that was the scripture
    for the apprentice
    to sit and witness
    when his master
    revealed the picture

    ya' only half way thru this life
    walking blindly steady talking
    to be heard
    but those same words
    been heard too often...

    ...and so I prepare your coffin...

    >>>Griots<<<<<Alabam' Fam