Black Spirituality Religion : To the beautifull soul Sister Destee ,about ancestors, encourigement to you..

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    social worker...
    sister destee ......

    i was waiting for the moment to speak to you about this :qqb012:
    now the lord pressed it so tight on my heart to share what i have to say to you.. ...

    First i want to say to you :ilu: and i dont care what people say or think because they dont understand me anyway only God..

    Second what i want to say (no i,m not slimynot draging Just telling the truth)

    you look beautifull at that picture :em3200:
    you do and you will only blossom more when you move more to the light:huh:

    and i dont say this you know like a nice intro:10900: before the storm :uhoh:
    i mean i,m not here to intent to hurt youre feelings ,just to encouriage you in love and from what i believe is the truth..

    begfore i begin i just want to let you know ,that we all make mistakes

    including me ..:em0400:
    we all :em0400: :em0400: :em0400: :em0400: :em0400:

    i have had other things that i had to learn...:em0400: passed years..

    but ....

    ok ..:qqb012:

    here i go :look:


    I know the feeling of Lost:SuN019:
    serius Loosing a loved one is not easy..
    as special when the person was close to you ..
    in this case youre Mother...
    God choose her to bring you to this earth...
    No One knew the true and loving relationship the 2 of you had...

    the love between the 2 of you is still therebecause this is what she left behind...

    teh memorys are still there...wich you will carry through the rest of youre life..

    God chooses manny people to show and shine his love trough them
    to shine and show you..
    and i know you know that to..

    Now i have to talk serius..

    The love that youre mother has shown you ...

    whom you think you reseaved it from..
    From what i know ( i could be wrong ,sorry for that than )
    is that she believes in the GReat God of abraham to...

    Al these years that she raised you She God the strenght love and wisdom of him .....i am shure of that (of course she was not perfect to and youre dad neighter)

    I want to explain things i study in teh bible about when someone is past away ..Yes somewhere i read that ,they become as angels (i am still studing ,forgive me if i study it wrong) serving God...
    But i dont know .i am not planning to call out for help towards my grandma
    i dont know if she is there I hope ,but i dont know ,but if she is there maybe she is helping someone els ...when call for her ...
    you know ..
    and from what i understand if they are angels ...she is than neighter a he or she ....but just a beautifull angel of God..
    Cause God is the dirrector and orgeniser of all things...

    The most inportent thing is that you ask for compfort and help For God ..wich i no you do But lOng MOre for HIm ...and to see Him..

    Because he gives us a promise ...that we will see our loved ones back in teh New City...SIOn...

    But we have to do our best To get there..(i know you do beautifull hang on in there)

    I believe that if she was here and if she would speak she would say..
    blossom ......
    blossom ...Dont let that grieve stop you from the beautifull things that he has in store for you..
    HE is jezus is our savior ....can cleanes us heal us ..
    Give everything to the Great God.....

    because sweet destee...
    you have to be carrefull ..
    dont call upon the ones that have passed away...

    One time a person had manny visist of a passed away loved one...

    but this person was not moving forward because this person was Tight to the one that have passed away...

    Than Some one told this person "'when youre loved one who has passed away comes to visit you again ,ask him or her 'who are you in the name of Jezus' than this person did this ...
    and the person who was her so called passed loved one face changed in to sumthing ugly...

    Because sumthimes satan appears to as an angel of light...

    Somthimes people experiance visits of angels ...
    whom are send from god...
    and i can never say that it can not be someone .that maybe looked like ...the one you know that have passed away...

    because by God everything is possible ...

    but never ask for it....let them Rest ....

    as the Bible says...

    So if you had a visit...
    always ask .."'who are you in the name of jezus christ..."'"'

    wel and if the person Comes in the name of the Great I am ..
    God of Abraham "jahova jaira"' wel than it is beautifull..

    but please be carrefull and watch out..

    i want you to move forward sis..

    there is a story about lasarus in the bible ...about a pour man
    and a rich man who died ...the pour man was brought in the arms of abraham and was been taking care of..
    there is is revealed that ...she is in a place ..
    where we can not come..
    because the rich man asked him if teh pour man who was in the arms of Abraham .. could dip with his vingers in the water to give it to him because he was in a place were it was verry Hot...

    But the pour man could not do that because where he was he could not come to where the rich man was...

    than he ask If They can send a message to the dead to go and bring the message to the sons of the rich man to tell them that they have to live GOOd....

    than abraham said ,if they Dont believe the word and the things the scriptures of what the Prophets have said .......

    than they would not take a word From the dead to...

    Than in another part of the bible it tells about a
    King i believe it was saul ..
    who ask by a fortuner teller to ask by the dead...

    and it was not :qqb024:

    Dear destee...

    i just want to say..

    You are not alone..
    Lost is not easy:SuN019:
    but God will heal youre beautifull heart...
    he is the only one who can take the empty nes away..

    maybe youre heart is broken of manny other things..
    i know i ,ve been there..

    But he wants to to blossom..
    he wants you to shine..
    use the other gifts you have for his Kingdom..

    he wants you to get married..
    or be reunited with the one he has always ment for you..
    and dont underestemate Him..
    Or heart has maybe been broken By things maybe also a man in youre life..
    But If he makes the universe and everything...
    even that beautifull persons you meet and you like aww ...because he doesnt or She (yeah i experianced it with sisters to ...i mean you know in general) feel the same for you..

    you go like aww this soul has everything....

    than God Goes......""OH YEAH ....""

    ""JUST WATCH ME''...

    the world is big ...
    and God makes everything happen..

    He is loving GREAT...
    and he wants to GIve us ..

    The Best:spinstar:

    but first we have to seek him:em0400:

    seek His Kingdom:em3200:

    LOVE him With all our Heart and Mind:ilu:

    I love you jezus:ilu:

    love you sister Destee...

    I prayed

    Lord Cover her with youre Blanket Of love..
    that she will be refreshed ...
    And i Rebuke every bad Spirrit In what Form that is Holding Binding her in order to keep her from Blosseming More ...
    and i rebuke the spirrits that keep her From Doing That wich you have Planted In her ....For The GLory Of youre GReat KingDOM.....In tha name Of Jezus Christ....

    and that Her Life will be used to Gloryfy You...:ilu:

    I hope these words are encouriaging:ilu:

    i did my best with the help from above...

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    :SuN044: i tried i tried.......
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    betwixt and between
    My Dear Darling Sister LibertyLady aka AuroraFlower :love:

    You know i love you, appreciate you, and always welcome whatever words of encouragement, love, and support that you have for me. You have shared with me before, how God has put something on your heart to tell me, and you were obedient to that, and it was received in the Spirit in which it was shared.

    It is the same now as then my Dear Darling Sister that i Love !!!! :love:

    Not only is it this way now, and then, but for always !!! :love:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You !!! :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:

    Please don't feel any kind of way bad or sad, if i'm not able to respond immediately. So many things are going on, and i'm just not always able to do everything in the most timely manner, when there are so many things on my heart to do. I never forgot about this thread, your kind and loving words, the message that God put on your heart to share with me.

    I just knew that it would take me a minute to respond to it all, and i wanted to be sure to do it in the same way you did it ... with forethought and loving kindness ... :love: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :love:

    Sister LibertyLady aka AuroraFlower whom i love soooo much !!!!

    I appreciate your words of caution, as it relates to my wanting to reach into whatever place i can, and find, feel, love, and immerse myself in my Mother, that has passed on. I do understand your concern. I have heard of such things before as well, that it may not be looked upon by God in the best of manners. I don't remember where i read or heard it Sister, but i don't believe it.

    Let me tell you why ...

    See Sister ... i believe that God gave me to my Mother and my Mother to me. It is surely one of the acts on this earth that we can truly say, man played no part in. Man had nothing to do with who's womb i was planted in, and allowed to grow and nurture, even before i even knew of a thing called life. This was all God's wonderful doing, my own personal gift from God to me.

    Even before i knew anything of life, God was blessing me to be able to be warmed and nurtured in my Mother's womb. He put us together at the conception of life, and for as long as i have life in my body, i will yearn for that relationship that i was greatly blessed to receive. I count it as my own special GREAT gift from God .. my Mother.

    I don't believe God would give such a great gift, then expect me never to yearn for it, never to want it, never to ask Him again to see it or taste it or touch it or languish myself within its essence. I just don't believe that Sister. God knew that He was giving me a great Mother, and that if i knew how to appreciate a blessing properly, i would always long for the wonderfulness of it.

    I do not think it is a sin for me to do that.

    In the Bible it says that we should honor our Mothers and Fathers, so that our days will be long. It doesn't say that we should honor them only as long as they live. And we all have different ways of honoring our Mothers and Fathers. So long as it is honor to them, i believe God is pleased.

    I don't really know the Bible word for word, but i believe there are examples within it, where even Jesus, as a Man, honored his Father whom he could not see. He spoke of Him, called upon Him, and yearned for Him. If Jesus lived, to give us examples on how to live, then i will love my Mother, as he loved his Father.

    Yes, i understand that it is ultimately God that gave her to me, and me to her, so to God goes all the glory.

    I thank God always for my Mother, that He saw fit to bless me so abundantly. Until my dying day Sister, i will forever thank God for my Mother.

    I thank God that He gave me a Mother so wonderful, that even after she has left this earth, i continually yearn for her, and thank Him.

    As i said, i don't know every word in the Bible, but i do know that God's word manifested itself in my life, when He gave me my Mother. I know that my Mother stood for all that God would want her to be, and taught me all that she could. Yes, there is no me without my Mother, and likewise, no us, without God. It is all connected, like links in a chain, and it can all work together for the Glory of God, without angering God in any way. I believe this with my whole heart Sister.

    I know you love me and care about me and want the best for me, and i am honored! :blowkiss:

    Please continue to share with me Sister, whatever God gives you to share, for i want to hear it!

    I Love You Sooooo Much ... please don't worry ... please please please!

    Continue to pray for me, that i will be all that God intends, and i will do the same for you.

    I Love You Sister LibertyLady aka AuroraFlower !!!! :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:

    And please don't think just because i am slow to respond, that i am not listening ... i am Sister!!! :love:

    Much Much Love and Peace.


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    Dear destee ...:heart:

    I havent got the time to respond back to youre respond..

    I am not bad or feel sad when you respond emediatly...
    i meant with i tried more in a way ..

    of well i did my best...

    the lord also told me that
    that is the only thing you can do..

    share the Gospel...and let Go and pray for them..

    move forward because there are manny people there who are waiting for the truth to be heard waiting for liberation....

    What i ment in my message is not ..
    that it is wrong that you honor youre parents ...
    think about her ...writting about her Love telling story,s how she was ...

    its not wrong

    to wish to see them again...

    that is the beautifull message Of Sion...the new Jerusalem

    where we will hopefully see our loved ones back..

    One of Gods Commandments is to Honour our parents..
    while they alive ,and when they pass away in thoughts ,and remembering.
    in love.....

    i only wanted to warn you for the danger of calling up on them when they have past away...

    Not about the fact that you love her and miss her..

    Destee are free to do and act like you want to...

    that is why God gave us a free will ....

    the free will to choose..

    He gave us His commandmands rules that are for our own benefits..
    and the Gift of salvation trough jezus Christ..

    wauw (thank you lord)

    know that there is a respond to our actions...

    If you feel like doing this praying for her to come and visit you youre dream or to touch you or speak to you...

    who am i....

    to stop you from that..

    Like i said ,God send his angels somthimes and .With him anything is Possible..
    the only thing i know is that Satan represents hisself as an angel of light and has his angels to and that he can disquise (transform )himself in to a so called beautifull angel or passed one....that is why you always have to ask ""who are you in the name of Jezus "' or "'in the name Of the FAther the son Jezus Christ ,the holy spirrit '' who are you..?

    the only thing that i am sharing with you ..

    is Gods word and the story of King soul...

    and the story of lazaraues ...and that you should be carefull.....

    so that no one can say

    "" that no one warned you from that..""

    One thing i know is that She brought this beautifull woman into this world

    and I pray for her To Shine and to Move to the Truth and the Full understanding of Gods plan Purpose love ....for us ..

    gift of salvation to us trough his son Jezus Christ...

    he has Good things in store For you...

    much love Sis :heart:

    big big strong Hug :heart: