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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Afrikan american Human Being Mind is now in control of Black People, because the Divine Mind of Black People has grown to become extinct, Mental genocide has taken place upon the Black World, so yes, the prime target today of the Human Being is our Young Black Men, why? because they are all that is left that pose a meaningful threat to the Human Being World, most certainly not the parents of our Young Black men, they who have been and still is being lied to by their parents and so call black Leaders and phony Role Models, in other word, our Children, both the Feminine as well as the Masculine Gender is target for the natural Black Mental extermination.

    What good is the body without a Divine Mind, other than to serve and worship that Mind which now control the Black Body, such an effect carry such action that reveal the evidence of the out come of being a Black Body with a Human Being Mind, And I ask you Black People to behold the present condition of our Children and the Black World in general, and tell me whether or not you today, see anything promising for and of the Black World collectively, not individually, that is a Human Being Trick played on Black People.

    When making an assessment of the Black World and you remain to be honest in your effort, you must deal collectively with Black People, that is if you desire to get a Profound Logical conclusion about the state of Mind of Black People, and that also which serve as being a major obstacle to the Resurrection of Black People, because now, the Black World Divine Mind has been exterminated, and without the Divine Mind of Black People, the end product of Black People is just what you are looking at of us today, as we make claim that our young Black Men are on the way of being exterminated, extinct, no longer having the potential of becoming the god they were destined to become, so for the young Black Men to become as they were once, before these Times, Divine they were, but not any more in this Time today, they must be told the Divine Truth about what is ailing them, Why ?

    Why is it that our young Black Men Life today is not worth a plug Penny, use to be a plug nickle but the life of our young black Men value, has been reduced to being not even worth a plug penny and it is all because our children have been abandoned by their parents and the Elders are no longer revered within the Black Family Nation and some is undeserving to be so and you wonder why it is that the funeral Homes prime customer, happen to be our Children, young and Black?

    The problem with Black Folks today is that the Black Leadership with Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom has gone o be made to be extinct, holding no value within the Black World, especially in the Afrikan american Human Being world, as we now act and behave on Want and not Need.

    Life is not a game, it is a serious action of developments, requiring you to be in control at all time and when the lost of control over your Life is present, then your Life become at the mercy of those that control it, and they that control the Black Life has no space in their Evil Mind for Mercy for the Black Life, because for the Evil Human Being Mind to preserve the Black Life, is to put into motion the debasing of he human Being Mind and the lost of control of the Black Divine Mind by the Human Being, will cause the Evil Human Being oppressors to lose control over the Black Mind, because it is they that know the value and potential of Black People, when we are operating in control of our Divine Mind, because then our Thoughts are in Harmony, Order, and is well Balance to deal with all adversaries to the Black Life.

    The Black Life is not to be treated as if it is an old worn out inner tube, to be stretched in all different direction, it is to be treated as a valuable Golden Crystal Egg, always in an oblong motion, having not to stop to contemplate in what direction it is to remain in motion in, such is the glory of the Black Divine Mind Life, never to become extinct, but to be always honor the presence of Time Motion, moving in a cycle of Coming and Going and Going and Coming, with you having control of your Life, until it move out of the cycle of body motion.

    There is a Certainty of there being an Absolute Divine Truth and Life submit to that Divine Reality, taking not into consideration of what those say that have a history of striving to bring extinction to the Black Life.

    The only power we possess in Life is by the process of our Mind and hat is why it is so important in maintaining control over our Thought process, meaning our Divine Mind, there is no power in prayer, it is the Mind that give value to that which is done in what religion refer to as prayer, prayer is no more than a cadre of Words, made for you to believe such a ritual hold all of he power, a ritual that create a phantom God to direct such useless words to, the power is in Mentitaton ( meditation ) why ? because it is a process that engage the Mind only, needing not a compilation of useless words, going out to a false God, in the image of our oppressors, yet such Divine Truths Will not be revealed to our Children, we rather fill their head up with Human Being Religious Doctrine and now you wonder why they rebel as they do, by wearing their sagging pants, as if to be telling us what to do in reference to what such action reveal.

    Why is it hat Black Folks have turned our Children over to the oppressors to chastise, why is there no longer power in the Black Home coming from the Black Family, well I will tell you why, it is because we have squatted on our Black Behind in an environment call america, an environment here where Black Folks do not have power nor authority to influence anything in america, not even our children, as we go running around talking about the way our children are wearing their clothes because the oppressors have now indicated opposition to such a fad, adopted by our children, how pitiful and sadly weak Black Folks are n america, yet we choose to act as if there is no alternative to this madness in america.

    So I say, to remain in america, the Life of not only our young Black Males, but Black Folks in general, is not of Divine Value, as we go around boasting about how well educated we are and how intelligent we are and yet we can not communicate with our Children nor do we carry influence over them any more, and it is all because we so call Black Parents have become just as greater a Liar to our Children as those that are out to destroy them, acting as if there is no alternative we have to america madness, as we watch those impersonating the Law, perform genocide on the Mind of our children as they haul them off to their Social construct concentration camps which they refer to as jail and Prisons, and we pretend as if there is no alternative to this america madness, all because the alternative is not what we Want, but is what our children Need.

    The alternative being a Mass Exodus Back to our Ancestors Land with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in Hand and not taking no for an answer and to realize our Divine right to become the next established State in Afrika, they did it for he Jewish People and they are getting ready to allow those who consider themselves to be Porto Rico, to decide their fate as a independent State or not, but not so for Black People and it is all because Black People do not want such consideration, regarding our Independence away from america.

    You see, it is not enough to just disagree with something, because when doing so, you put he responsibility upon yourselves to present a more Profound and Logical reason as to why the disagreemen, something most black people are not qualified to do because we always lead with our irration emotion, which only prove how foolish in love we have become with our oppressors.

    So, do you wonder why we Black Folks are in the condition we are in today in the wold ?

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


    Chief Elder,
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