Chief Elder Osiris : To Remain Asleep In The Time Of Enlightenment, Carry A Heavy Price!!!

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    To Remain Asleep In The Time Of Enlightenment, Carry A Heavy Price!!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    When you do not know the Divine True Meaning of Spirituality and the reason our First Way Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors spoke and wrote Mystically about the True Essence of God, action of the Universe, and the Purpose of the Divine Self of your Life Living, then you leave yourself open to be misused, to be abused, and to be held captive by those that Know what you do not know about yourselves.

    In this world, there are only Two forces at work, one is of a Divine Nature and the other is of a Evil Nature, which mean, one force Mind, choose to accurately receive and interpret the Soul Action of Information that is in keeping with the Divine Mind receiving it, and the other Force choose to misinterpret the Soul Divine Information, in order for it to serve a Mind that is not Divine but of a Human Quality, which is subject to feeding the Carnal desires of the Body senses, harboring a desire to Lie and deceive, so that a force of domination may rise as a want to control, with the power of deception, used to confuse the other World, the other World meaning the Divine Black World.

    Now, what has happen since the Fall of the First World, from its Divine State of Being, the First World has been divided among itself and is no longer in the Divine Knowledge that guide you and inform you about the evil intentions of the Evil world, so what we Black people do, that is lost away from the Soul Divine information that inform you of the Divine Truth about our Black selves, we, because of the Lost of our Divine Knowledge and the acquiring of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that is of the Evil world, we, because of having a laden memory of the teaching of our Ancient First way Divine Ancestors, but is heavy burden with the teaching of the Human Being false teaching, concerning God, Universe, and our Black selves, and now is in possession of a Mind that is not ours, we attempt to integrate and assimilate the remnant of the Divine Teaching that still dwell within us, but is over powered by the teaching of the Human Being Mind, which cause us, our Fallen Ancient Black Ancestors, now of the Human Being making, to attempt to invent a Religion of their own perception of the Human Being Religion, now lost of the power to conceive of the Divine Information coming from the Divine Soul, under such a heavy burden, we are only able to present to the Children of the Sun, a false replica of the Actual Divine Theology of the Teaching of our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors and that is why we Black people are so confused today, about God, Universe, Self, a Self that we now are unaware of whom we are.

    We Black People today, now attempt to involve ourselves with the remnant of our Divine Theology, by assimilating it with the Human Being Religious Doctrine, and because we are still asleep, we no longer are awake to be able to comply with the Divine Motion of Time, we are unaware that we now are in a Time of Divine Spiritual Enlightenment, a Time the Divine Mind of Black People, Children Of The Sun, is not aware of, and the Black Human Being Mind is at work, blocking your Divine Mind, Children Of The Sun, so you remain asleep in a Time that is meant for you, the Time of Enlightenment, the Time of Awakening from the false light of the Human Being Mind, which Black people are now a victim of.

    When held captive of the Human Being Mind, you comply to the false teaching of that Mind, and it is that Mind that have you labeling the bearer of the Divine Truth, Racist, and is in use of an unjustified prejudice, when in fact, the Black Prejudice toward the representatives of the Human Being, is Justified, and the Black condition in the world prevents us from qualifying to be Racist, but because we now operate under the control of the Human Being, the action, the Spirit of the Children Of The Sun, is that of a Black World that is asleep and do not know what Time it is today, Universal Time I speak of, Black Woman and Man.

    For instance, should I tell you that when all is said and done, the struggle upon this planet world, is between the Divine and Evil, meaning the Children Of The Sun and the Human Being, the former being once in possession of a Divine Mind and the latter maintaining the Mind of a Human Being, meaning that the struggle in this world is between, not the economic down trodden, but is between Divineness and Evilness, which because of the present day status of the Human Being in this world, breeds a secondary stratum of oppressed people that is based on what they do not have, in order to live a Healthy Life.

    So beloved, the primary struggle in this world, between the Divine Being and the Human Being is entirely based on what the Human Being termed as Race, the two extremes of the so call Racial Spectrum, in term of the Greater Good and the Greater Evil, which make the struggle to be between modern day usage of terminology, Black and White, and it is a Fight that has been going on, initiated by the Human Being, every since they came into our presence and the reason Black people do not know the Divine Truth about ourselves is because of the attitude and behavior of the Human Being, once they became scholarly aware of the Information left to the Children Of The Sun, they proceeded to change, destroy, and steal such information from us, and had it to reveal what they so desire it to reveal.

    Beloved, if you do not accept what I am sharing with you regarding the reason we lost knowledge of our Divine Information, left to us by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, then I suggest that you confer with DR. Diop work, regarding this matter.

    Beloved, not the Spiritual Divine information I am sharing with you, that I am referring you to Diop for, because such information require for you to have embark on the mission to reclaim your Divine Mind and when I share with you Divine Things concerning our Black Life, in order for you to know and understand that which I share with you Divinely so, require you to be in possession of, or coming back into possession of your Divine Mind, and when you do, then you will be able to understand this statement I will make to you, which is, not until the Children of the Sun has recaptured our Divine Mind, will there be peace upon this planet, which mean that all that occupy this planet and is a victim of the Human Being action of evil, those victims must come to realize that they carry a responsibility to Focus on assisting the Freeing of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan People, and when such is accomplished, the Human Being World will descend to the low level of its Life position in this world, not in term of us imposing affliction upon them but in term of their rightful status in the world, as the deeds of the Human Being World, do in fact determine the Status they are to occupy in a Divine World.

    Beloved, only those of you that are reading this I am sharing with you and is desirous of being in possession of your Divine Mind, will be able to digest accurately that which I am sharing with you, and while I am sharing with you, I am being told to speak concerning the Black World divisiveness, and to point out the secondary cause that contribute to the present condition of the Black World, which is Tribalism, a Social order designed to crucify the Divinity of the Children of the Sun.

    Beloved, the Black Divine World Society is not accustom to Tribal Stratification, it is a Society of Clannish involvement with a Central Core of which all the Clans pay respect to, and it is from that Central Core of the Black World Society, that the Consented by Divine Black people, Power reside, therefore, the agreement of all of the Clans that make up the Black Divine World society, a Society that is based upon a Life living Divinely with each other, never without the knowledge that each Clannish Spoke, is a member that constitute a Whole, and it is the Unity of that whole, that give the Clannish Wheel Power.

    The Black World, living under the auspices of the Human Being Religion, will never be able to wake up and realize what Time it is today, and to remain asleep will give cause for us to continue to try and perceive that which our Divine Ancestors left to us in the way of the Divine Theology, a Theology that can not be perceived with understanding but need to be Conceived with Knowledge and Understanding, because such Divine Knowledge is of You Black Woman and Man!!!

    Until the Black World come to realize that it is Time for the Black World to experience its being the period of Time for a Renaissance to take place within the Mind of Black people, then we will not be qualified to know that Black people are the Target for continued Mental degeneration and Body confinement, to take place in concentration camps that is already waiting for our arrival, wherever we are out side of Afrika, and in Afrika, there is a continued act of benign invasion by those with a record of oppressing the Black World, as they continue to interfere with the Afrikan Mind in Afrika, causing them to be the major enforcers of self genocide, as a Biological attack is on going in Afrika in the name of the World Health Organization, as the Human Being World pretends to be concerned about the physical Health condition of Black People in Afrika, as we in Afrika refuse to accept the fact that the HIV / Aids Virus is a Human Being made product, designed to attack the Cellular Structure of Black so call Afrikans, with the concentration of attack being Afrika Black people, with the infection taking place in greater numbers in Black so call Afrikans wherever we are, aswe are a constituted original Ethnic Group, in and of ourselves.

    Yet the Human Being has stolen your Divine Mind and now you are unable to know what Time it is, as we Black people remain asleep, which the Human Being teach you that our condition in the world is not about the pigment of our skin, yet I am here to inform you that no greater lie has succeeded to be accepted by Black people than that, as we sleep our Life back into physical captivity, entering with a Lost Divine Mind.

    The Shield the Human Being use to contain Black people and to make sure that we remain asleep, happen to be none other than the Human Being Religion and you Black Woman and Man, resent me because I Love you so Dearly, because I know Whom You Are, until I will not and Can Not Lie to you, as to what is causing our inaction to free our divine Mind, the Mind that carry the Divine Theology of your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, your Divine Power Black Woman and Man.

    Therefore Black Woman and Man, by remaining asleep, in the Time of Enlightenment, is causing your burden to become very heavy, and self defeating, all because you do not have the Divine Mind that will qualify you to conceive of the Divine Truth, which was left to you by your First Way Divine Black Ancestors, they that came out of the Cosmos and Planted you upon this Planet, which the Human Being call Earth, as they have renamed everything else you believe in today, and Don't Know, yet is told everything you now claim to believe in today.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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