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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved let us get one thing Truthfully out on the table of Black Folks, Politics are not for solving problems, but is for compromising the problem, so when it come to the condition of Black so call Afrikans Americans, you who came to America by way of the Middle Passage as Black folks considered to be Chattel Descendants, the only way we are to get our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is by engaging in a Unified Effort in Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which has to do with Black Folks being engaged in America, planning and being experienced strategist, using Direct Action, moving with a Unified Mind in pursuit of a common goal, which must be Reparation and our Way out from America, any other effort serve to be an act of ad-hominem, and it is that kind of action used, when the goal is social, economic community programs and not for our Reparation Liberation.

Beloved, what you are witnessing of certain class of Black People, as they unload their excitement and emotions about the Obama Political Campaign, it is that type of action that move to influence the Rank and File of Black People, causing them to believe that we should never get tired of keeping Hope alive, they not knowing that Hope is an open ended proposition, never allowing you to reach the goal of which you are hoping for, so when dealing with the issue of Reparation, our effort must transcend Hope and the Politics of Change, we must engage in the action of Reparation Liberation, an action that get you what you need and Point you where you need to go, which is away from America.

So Reparation is about your Liberation and is not about so call political gains in the form of illusion of Change, tell Me beloved why is it that the Black so call American, the Children of the Middle Passage, why is it that we are so reluctant to face the Reality of our situation in America, a situation that reveal the docility of Black People in America, here with a Faith and a Hope, motivated with a belief that if we engage in white folks politics, a beneficial change will come to all the children of the Middle Passage in America, beloved, no deeper Lie has been told than that.

Show me a Black so call Afrikan that is not worth the Melanin carried by them, and I will show you that caliber of an Afrikan American that will mislead you Black People to believe that your hope lies in changing the American System, so allow me to ask you a very direct question in that regard, do you believe that you Black People can eradicate Racism and Unjustified Prejudice in America ? because that is the foundation of the America System of Corporate operation, and any so call Afrikan, be they American or an Afrikan willingly traveled from Afrika, American, and may I ask, is telling you Black people, to become involved in the American Political Game, so that you may be able to change the America System of operation in America, is such advice practical, and you tell me, you really believe such advice, going for such shaded encouragement, if you do, then I will know that you Black People are willing participants in the abuse your children, they who now, as I speak, are suffering from a Mental defect by being in America, and that you have been Mentally Blinded by Lucifer Religion, that which teach you to go Blind when looking at your Black Selves and more so, your children.

How uninformed we Black Children of the Middle Passage have become, a people that no longer Think, and now you Black People believe that the American System of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice can and will be changed to benefit your Religious believing Black selves by you doing no more than to participate in the America Politics of Lies and Deception.

Beloved, using that path and claiming to be in pursuit of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, is equivalent to you believing that white folks Jesus is the path we must travel in order to save our Lives and to rise into Heaven to spend eternity with Jesus, can you see the irony in such a Mental exercise, no you can not, because it is Religion that have you Blind, so you can not see, not even your own Black Children, so tell me, what has happen to you in America, Afrika, and the World, as we wait and depend on Lucifer Politics to save our black do nothing but Talk, Behind.

You ask me what I have done? well I have used the better Time of my Life Fighting against a system that did in fact labeled our Afrikan Ancestors as Chattel, and did enslaved them.

I have fought against that same system that constructed the wall of segregation just for our Black Behind.

I have fought against the evil of the America so call criminal system and have led Marches against Evey kind of Evil injustice that America did enact and implement.

I have experienced the Evil of white folks Religion and was for a Moment an ordain agent of that Religious Propaganda.

I have also participated in the political game of White Folks and even became a candidate for political office in their political game.

I have fought against the implementation of the New of that Time, Integration/assimilation emerging in America Society, and I can go on and on and on.

Still that is not enough and none of our efforts, starting from our last decline, is enough, yet we Black folks claim to be so busy trying to change our America condition, and that is what we do that cause us to be so busy, beloved, what ever we are doing is not enough and apparently is not the solution to that which is causing us to be so busy about, because enough of our action, mean that the goal, which should be our Liberation, has been accomplished, and that can only be, away from America

so yes beloved, I have done and is doing more than talk the talk, I have literally walk the walk in pursuit for Justice and Liberation for Black People and what I am witnessing today of us Black People, is a defiant to Nature, happening by Black people, and that defiance is to try and contradict what Nature has so established, which is that all things are involved in a Universal Continuum, meaning that to repeat your action, it should represent a change that put you into a Divine Window of Time and not the window of oppressive repetitiveness, which is what the action of our Motion now represent, and it being in defiance to the order of Divine Motional Change.

Beloved, Reparation is more than a social political involvement it is a representation of our Divine obligation to return the Black Life to a state of Freedom and Independence, having Justice to be our reward, so the sacred issue of Reparation is to be pursued with Divine Vigor with only one goal in Mind, a Debt to be Paid to our Enslaved Ancestors and a journey that will take us to our Liberation, which is to take place in the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors, which will happen by our Effort as the New Established State in Afrika, that which will serve as a Divine Force that will qualify us to be successful in reclaiming Afrika and Reuniting the Black Nation, that beloved, is the meaning and purpose for which our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is to be Used.

To you who do not know, Reparation is not a social program trying to get funded, those programs we compromise our Divine Mind trying to get everyday and we skin and grin about it and it is you who charge the call for Reparation to be a form of what you happily do and that is beg white America for all that you have managed to accumulate with condition, as we beg white folks America officials for further relief, and not freedom from this America Racist System of oppression, no, Reparation does not in any way signify begging, when you approach the employer that have exploited the laborer for the wages earned from forced Enslavement in Building America.

Such an accomplishment to receive Reparation require that Black People in America come to realize that Energy power we carry, when we act and behave as One, in pursuit of a common goal, and in this instance, the goal is and must be our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and Race is what got us at this intersection of our Black Life, now requiring for us to learn to Think again, and by doing so, you will become qualified to know what it is that the Children of The Middle Passage must do, in order to receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, a debt only the Children of the Middle passage, is qualified to cause Reparation to be delivered unto us, the Children Of A Brave Afrikan Black Ancestry..

Some of you say that an Obama Presidency will drive a death nail through the Suffering of our Enslaved Ancestors, causing Reparation to be a viable aspiration of the Children Of The Middle Passage, but I share with you, the debt of Reparation does not have a social political expiration date, there is no statue of Limitation that give the action of Enslaving Evil, a pass, not unless the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors Disrespect our Enslaved Ancestors enough to sign off on Pursuing Justice and Respect for our Enslaved Ancestors, which symbolize those Old Souls Reparation, and if you do, then May the Divine First Way Ancestors shower you with the plagues of physical discomfort beyond your ability to imagine such an effect that such will cause to you Black so call Afrikan Americans.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism/Repatriation/Reparation


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