Black People : To Really know what we KNOW

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by happy69, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I don't know rather to laugh or cry. We know what this is all about. It takes no extra amount of intelligence to understand what is being done - we know the game, it is up to us, how we play it.

    I will give you two examples:

    Hate Al, if you must follow their lead- that is up to you... but to take what he said, and try to persuade other racists like himself that Al is being racists, when he is just stating his take on a fact- and do we not know when someone is saying something, in a way to motivate. etc, and when they are doing it to marginalize and degrade?
    I am no fan of Clarence Thomas or Shelby Steele- both of whom used Blacks for positioning and rely on black struggle when and if they need it when their masters come a callin' for their black *****... But if Al wanted to say something about them, rather I or you agree with him or not--- he would! And if you read the comments "carefully" you know who he was talking about--US.
    But notice how Limbaugh is playing the punk ***** card--- and I thought that only Black Male Republicans had their ***** in the air, begging for a shag!

    Now, this came to my email, from Alan Keyes of all people--- I don't dislike him, but he is so irritating... It concerns a Black Male Republican by the name of Vernon Robinson; It illustrates, futher this game being perpetrated and supports my assumption that Black Male Republicans are willing prostitues in it, and how far they will go to use US-- Black Americans-- to get it done... and how it is more than time for us to consider knowing who and what we are voting for ... color is of no issue (and to be fair, I agree with some of the stances, just not how he wants to do it); and we must start to consider the fact that Black Folk can/are racist against Black Folk too, and we have to start taking them to task for it.

    Maybe that will work?
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    Happy69 ... please do remove it. Posting what someone else wrote, without their permission, is against our forum rules. We're much more interested in your words and thoughts. Thank You.