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Feb 28, 2009
(I wrote this piece last summer to a poetry challenge in the "fantasy" genre. However, I thought of it in thanks to you for your offer of friendship.)

"Under A Purple Moon"

At that evening's sunset, a sudden bursting solar shower
Pummeled her shoddy shanty woodland bower
And quickly, she ran out with pots and cups
To catch whatever pouring release
From her planet's shining orb, hued in deep Cerise
But, it was too brief
So, endeavoring to philanthropic relief
Waited until the bloom
Of the Purple Moon

She, then, sifting through the city's refuse pile
Digs and gropes for bits of shattered sunshine
To give to the "Ancients"
Warmth and a long-gone smile
But she, tattered and dirty had a heart and soul, benign
While the "Ancients" huddled, hungry and sad
Within the city's excavated ruins
Possessing nothing to make them glad
Nor present any joy to their lives
In their realm, only despair survives
So she, hearing of their sun's healing properties
And its exultant, mirthful tendencies
Sought not for herself but for others....

But while there, she discovered a treasure trove
As she huffed and puffed and heaved and hoved
Through rotting mounds of putrid debris
Eureka!....a virtual, vivid visual potpourri
Of precious finds!
Some wasteful, ungrateful wealthy one
Had thrown away a bountiful stash
So, with a rock, she broke open the locked cache
Revealing vials of various jewels!
Along with the Sun chips
There were bottles of prism-ed delights!
Water dipped from "Chestnut Lake"
*Legends said its taste would slake
Any thirst and hunger*
Also, pebbles chipped from the summit of "Mount Tangerine"
*Someone had climbed heights few had ever seen!*
And even these, heated, were professed to relieve
Aches and pains, granting a long-lasting reprieve

Every capped glass
Contained some colorful mass
Subtracted from her planet's landscape
So, she carefully looked about
Then slid and skulked to her exit route
And ran as fast as her feet would fly
Now, she and the "Ancients"
Would benefit from this bountiful supply!​

Thank you, again, for your hand in friendship.
In the Spirit of Sankofa and the Family!

To: PurpleMoons...and...Clyde:)


Completely off the chain, for real; this is magnificent and fits Purple to a T:), knowing my Purple, tears are being shedded right this minute...Peace In and good night, lol

This is so beautiful Sister cherryblossom!:crying:

I can so relate to this! There are treasures
hidden everywhere. We just have to learn
how to look. Who would've thought there was
a treasure right here in your beautiful

There is no greater reward, then the joy
you can give to someone else. You have
made my soul smile!:love:

Thank you so much Sister!:heart:

You are so welcomed!

And, right now, I'm laughing at myself because I JUST realized that I can send a "friend request!" I thought that, too, was a "premium" feature! LOL!

So, I have sent some "friendship" invitations as well now. I didn't mean to seem stand-offish. I just didn't know I could! I'm still trying to learn my way around the site.

Oh, well. Live and learn. Live and learn.


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