Black Poetry : TO NO AVAIL

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    My true team is supreme in blue jeans pure friction in
    The jurisdiction of microphones that make ET grin
    And call home like a wall of stone we hard my friend
    My raps anointed and appointed to do stuff this place
    Of administration face elimination if our skills have no taste
    Plan with facts that attacks and transact business in a race
    To profit embrace and HIP HOP it, going to STAPLES buy
    Some papers HIPHOPPING from the heart while being fly
    Doing the SHOPPING CART like they do on TV, just try
    Fit in, this rap corrupt and bigger I’m stuck with figures that
    Don’t add up need mad luck, math on a path that triggers stats
    Trying to add, subtract and multiply, a winner with a brain now
    Must entertain won’t git far with a guitar but gonna play somehow
    Satisfaction terrific needs an action specific for something to happen
    Have pride in my voice plus ride a horse, saddle to battle while rapping
    Write plenty rhymes but many times they don’t get read
    They’re clever and sincere so I never fear why go to bed
    With an empty head play wrong music symphony misled
    Recently we frequently met over a cup of coffee but my
    Luck is killing me softly its chilling back up off me I try
    Got a fast pager got discipline for class behavior my rap
    Dues raised got slapped got the blues nowadays trapped
    In my imagination these are not the good things in life
    In the hood cling to advice, my planning is smart no strife
    Because I’m standing apart from crime to come to that
    Is perverted I’ll feel deserted in an inexact sense so I’m at
    The crossroads and my rhyme system wasn’t working got
    Wisdom and it’s hurting, life somehow sways nowadays not
    What it use to be only paid once a month, time run a mile
    A minute far as HIPHOP got fun and style in it but it’s wild
    It’s random clear as to why I wanna abandon my career
    This is a circus man without a purpose and plans this here
    Is the right stuff, these cats plans fake just a landscape
    Of bad outlines no doubt your rhymes are a headache
    Pride abated siting in my ride devastated time to take
    A vacation got a lake of frustrations hatred extreme
    Now in the Matrix with a team fighting being mean
    Have to twist and turn need to talk to Lawrence Fishburne
    Some folks hard to trust, regard with disgust and concern
    This is a plain mix that remain fixed on my CD yall

    Come facts