Black Poetry : to my street soldiers


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Nov 8, 2003
this is for my soldiers that died in the game
now their gone and things just aint the same
out in the streets tryna get that green
and end up gettin shot in that gangsta lean
rest in peace
i shall see you again some day
and we'll sip on sum hennessy
while pimpin our big bodies
and rollin on 24's
toastin to the good life
cuz we aint gotta worry no more.

to my street soldiers RIP
understand where i'm cummin from

i don't think yall really understand why i dedicated this to "street soldiers", allow me to explain.........i know that the drug game is not doin anything for our society, but when it comes to fending for your family you do what you have to in order to give them their necessities. the street soldiers i talk about in this poem are not just ordinary drug slangers. when i say street soldiers i am refering to those that are only in it to survive, to take care of their responcibilities, yea true......they can find a more positive way to support their families, but when you've spent all your years in highschool fooling aroound and u cut yourself short, flipping burgers isn't gunna get the job done. when i speak of necessities i am refering to shelter. clothing,food, and transportation, i dont know about yall but a job at mc donalds isnt gunna take care of all that!!!! so like i said loud and clear in my poem................
i can respect that gutta...
and i'm the last one to judge...
but in our community...our babies need 2 parents
fathers in jail or dead...shot in the street...are not helping our current situation...
it's part of the thug mentality that we have grown accustomed too..and to be truthful
it's holding us back...thas just my i said b4...good poem poet...

one love


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