Black Poetry : To My Love

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    Sep 21, 2003
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    I'm gratefull
    Because you're so wonderful
    My heart is speaking in tongues
    Because you're so incredible
    My mind is writing on air
    And it's barely legible
    When brothers step to you
    I don't understand why they don't see what I see
    In you I see God's definition of beauty
    You're than just a cutie
    You're more than just a smile and a booty
    You're the woman I want next to me
    You take my breath away
    My lungs are filled with your essence
    Survival is based on your pressence
    Your mind must be asking,
    "Why should I believe him?"
    My answer is,
    I'm on a spiritual mission
    So we can get closer
    And as we verse
    About the simplicity of the universe
    We lose all track of time
    Somehow you've infected my mind
    And you are flowing through my blood stream
    Baby you got to be some sort of dream
    You are more that what you seem
    You're not human
    You're a heavenly being
    You're a brown goddess
    You help me escape the madness
    That is known as reality
    How you make me feel isn't real to me
    You leave my mind in post orgasmic bliss
    All of this
    After one simple mental kiss
    I don't hear your words anymore
    I listen for their meaning
    Using the dictionary of life
    You're the moonlight
    That elluminates my nights
    You've helped m re-focus
    No I have 20/20 sight
    When things look dark
    You make everything bright
    That's because you re an Amazingly Kool Anamoly
    When brothers don't get to know all of you
    It angers me
    I'm wondering what's wrong with my race's gender
    My messege to them
    "Don't you dare disrespect her
    Just appreciate her splendor"
    If not
    Get on the other side of the door
    I'm not just Another Knight Around you
    I'm here to astound you
    And try to help you
    Start re-believing in love
    If I have to
    I'll send my messege on heavenly doves
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    May 28, 2003
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    Durham, NC
    Wow brotha. Flow on, flow on. Not just another love poem to be sure.
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    Aug 26, 2003
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    oh my this is lovely...