Black Poetry : To Mommy, To Daddy (too many children are in this situation)


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Mar 19, 2001
To Mommy: where is daddy?
To Daddy: why aren't you with Mommy?
To vision: where are you daddy? The kids say you're in jail.
sometimes mommy says you're not...well... I can't
say those words.
To Mommy: Do you think I'm pretty? why don't you tell me?
To Daddy: Why don't you hug me? What is that funny smell
from that weird shaped cigarette? Why are MY eyes
To Mommy: Why is that the Johnson kids have new clothes and
I have to wear Julius'?
To Daddy: Why can't I have a playstation2?
TO Mommy: Why haven't you taught me how to spell my name?
Why do you let me watch BET videos all the time?
To Daddy: Would you be mad if I dressed like those ladies?
To Mommy: Where is daddy? Why don't he call?
To vision: Where are you daddy? I'm tired of crying and
praying for you to come? are you really in jail?
To Mommy: Is there really a GOD? If so why don't he
give you a job?
To Daddy: Why do carry a gun? What's that funny looking
white thing in that itty-bitty vile? Why do these
funny looking people keep knocking at the back
To Mommy: Why are your nails pretty and you hair pretty and
my stomach empty? and little man's diaper dirty?
To Daddy: Why are those black people on television always
smiling, they got big ole teeth. They always bein'
funny, where are the doctors and lawyers. My
teacher said I could be anything I want to be.
To Mommy: What are you?
To Daddy: What are you?
To Daddy: Why are those white men knocking at the door?
They have pretty shiny things on their chest.
They have a gun too...can I have one?
TO Mommy: Where are those white men with the shiny things
on their chest taking daddy?
Child crying: daddy, daddy, daddy, where they takin' you?
you said we would go to the park tommorow?
To Mommy: Can you raise a boy to be a man? I want to be a
To Mommy: Why do I have to cook, clean clothes, and watch
lil' man? you didn't make daddy do it.
To Mommy: I want to be a man.
To Mommy: Why aren't you answering me. Why aren't you
answering me?

(time passes)

the judge: you are hereby sentenced to life in prison.

To Mommy: Why are you crying now Mom? Go get my sister off
the corner save one of us...please...and tell her
to put on some real clothes.

To Daddy: I'll see you where doves don't fly.


(c) 2001 blakverb off da top thinkin'


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