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    Apr 26, 2004
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    Hi anafrican.... :flowers:

    I just notice that you responded on my question ...

    if you were baptised?

    and that was my question..

    i just wanted to say that .....

    I know that god and believe is more than going to the church on wensday and sunday.....

    please dont put me in a box......

    that would never be my intention to put someone else i a box...

    and i get reborned to everyday...

    did i say anything wrong?
    i did not judge anyone here.......

    did i ?

    i just asked if people where baptised ....
    the way the word of the bibel says......

    what the meaning of it is....

    that is sumthing where there are also different apinions about....

    Muchlove to ya brother:heart:

    cause i see you as a brother ....
    whatever you are ...

    rather you took that dive or not....

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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
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    Seeking Your Forgiveness!

    peace to you, auroraflower!

    in no way had i intended my words to be any sort of negative! you didn't do anything "wrong" in any fashion; you asked a question and i tossed an answer. the "tone" of my post may have been influenced by thoughts arising from thinking about your question as well as sister river's as well as my interpretations derived from my personal study of the bible (i forced myself to work on through "the begats" and make sense out of them, for instance, as well as working through the whys and wherefores of those things that seemed to be "contradictory", but which really weren't), as well as reading other comments and such arising from the same bible.

    i wouldn't want to put you in a box ... unless it were a box of chocolates or roses or something! and even then, only for as long as you wanted to enjoy them!

    in truth, maybe there could have been sufficient "fuel" in my response to cause some to think i was seeking to judge, or responding to some perceived "judgement" by others. i don't, i hope, seek to judge; it's not my place - i'm as infallible as the next person!

    i am most sorry, and distressed, to think that you might have felt even a little bit bad about my response. please, please PLEASE help me to "fix" this! i don't ever want to distress you!
  3. Auroraflower

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    Apr 26, 2004
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    aww: :geek: mmm a box of roses and chocolate LOL

    i just imagined i was in the box with roses and chocolate .. :picture:

    and than you see my little head comming out of the box and close it like

    Open ....close ..Open ...close .....and than when it opened you hear me say...

    mmm NICE chocotlate (open)


    mmm Nice smell of the roses (open)


    mmm NiIce chocolate .khhammhappmmm (open)


    LOOOOl :thanks: anafrican

    :love: huge brother :love:
    lets continue to share wisdom and light :tennis:
    with youre loving responding you bring light to..