Black Poetry : To Me...

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    To me…. She’s more
    Better than any I ever had before
    She’s my peace, the calm of the sea
    I can truly say
    She’s the best thing that ever happen to me
    It’s her that I want to please
    And that smile is always a tease
    Makes we weak at the knees
    How I love her forest
    When she cuts them trees
    I can smell her breeze
    Lets not get it twisted
    For her, I’m addicted
    Ive loved other girls but none are conflicted
    I don’t hold back, I’m not restricted

    To me…. She’s more
    More than I bargained for
    She quickly grew into someone who I truly adore
    She’s makes this Lion Roar
    My feeling for her runs deep
    I can feel her in my soul between each heartbeat
    With her I see the seasons change
    I cherish her so I gave her my name
    I was out of control, but with her I’m tame
    Changed me from being simple and plain
    Change my status I’m out the game
    To me, she everything
    For her I’d do anything
    Embarrass myself by in public trying to sing
    She’s my queen

    To me…. She’s more
    When all others were locked
    She was an open door
    I felt my feet lift off the floor
    I just wanted more
    More of that sweet love that I can’t deny
    I don’t smoke weed but she’s got me High
    And I breathe,
    I close my eyes and I now Believe
    That true love I’m able to receive
    Oneness I hope to achieve
    To me, she fire
    I’m telling the truth, no more liar
    It’s only her I desire
    I’d walk a tightrope, a high wire
    I’d walk on water, and through fire
    I’d walk a fine line
    One as thin as a dime
    With no missteps hitting the mark every time
    I’m all her’s and she is all mines
    Partners in crime….
    To me…. She’s More
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