Black People : To Kill To Be Free The Commitment To Death

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    To Kill To Be Free
    The Commitment To Death

    The roots that refuse to hear, I wonder what
    the ancestors are saying, spineless children
    who refuse to love self?

    The division of a people who refuse to link.
    The hatred that lives within his own family tree.
    To be taken out all at once. The toxins that
    Weakens the family trust. Oh what a web we web.
    Destruction by the devils children, as we sleep.
    Singing black power that don’t link.
    Destroying one another without hornor are respect.
    As the devil comes in to kill.
    Listen as the universe screams, shelter I am
    already dead. To kill to live the disobedience
    of a people, Listen the souls of the graves
    cries out you have killed my brothers.
    Slavery once again. To kill are be killed.

    To take a life in war to breath death brothers of brothers
    All in the name of freedom, who laws do man obey.
    To slaughter women and children to liquidate the constitution
    Of the man man laws. Living the horrors after the abomination
    Of a new world order governed by murders and the proclamation
    To kill are be killed. God spoken words thy shall not kill.
    The assumptions of equality which man stands armor against the creations
    Of Gods plan, man definition of who’s right, and who shall live.
    The cries from the grave every man shall kneel shall confess he have
    taken a life. So who’s abomination that stands before the laws carved in stone.
    The ritual of death the blood shall lye upon mans hand.
    The warriors of death shall meet the almighty God which his tongue shall confess.

    The army of death for there shall be
    no partisans of the holocaust that have sanction life
    In the name of freedom for all. I sit upon the rock as the world pleas its cause.
    The man that walks with armored Gun.
    So who is man who speaks for thy almighty
    God who have broken all Gods laws.
    The hell and the fury which he stands before the man man laws.
    To kill are be locked in a 8/11 box refusing to serve the army of death.
    I pledge allegiance to which it stands , I the murder of my brother,
    Under the blood of justice man who turns his back on Gods law.
    I shall repeat the horrors each time I close my eyes, the death that smells
    Upon my trust, memories of the blood that stood before my gun.
    Screams from the grave I have killed my brother.