Black Spirituality Religion : TO HUSTLE GOD

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    The decline from awareness is apparent in the industry of enlightenment. In each age has God changed, or has consciousness with regard to awareness of God changed?

    Overall observation of experience in essence is the requirement of stillness, and the action of judging self, which would mean formulating an opinion of self, based on the rejection of reflection, which produces heightened levels in the ability of recognizing self.

    In terms of life force animation for the sole purpose of viewing future events, is duty.

    When a claim to knowledge is made and secrets are revealed, intent is sure to follow, meaning self will chase self to make desire manifest. The nature of disease is the essence of the antibody, or simply put, everything returns to it's rightful owner.

    Enlightenment is the acceptance, and last stage of the concept of death and dying, where light moves into darkness, to fill the truest void with the power of earned birth right.

    Enlightenment is the realization that all is lies because the truth has yet to be. Enlightenment is the acknowledgment that nothing here is real.

    The past is the prediction of future events, ending at the illusion of a big bang.

    This is the exit, the dawning of a new day, and what we've been waiting for.

    Knowledge produces wisdom. Wisdom produces patience, and Goddess's produce God's, to rule for eternity, so while you wait on time, I own eternity, with the intent to give life and never take it away.

    How tragic the yearning for the power of God through the eyes of desperation. How blessed the essence of love to never submit to ego.

    To hustle God is true blasphemy and misapplication of gifts bestowed. Sympathy to that which does not recognize it's self, and mercy to the seeds of original inspiration.

    For the word of the Goddess is already born, and the nature of death is the misapplication of the power to transform.

    My overall observation and experience was in the choice to not fit in, and with this freedom to shape my own thoughts, I reject all notions that God would create any painful circumstance. This simple truth is the downfall of the illusion.

    If God was truly known contentment would reign because vision of God's plans comes with capacity to love.

    The odds for a lil lady like me, where nine to one, truly not a fair fight, cause when you are ONE, nine vices is no match.

    Do you generate your own light, or do you hustle God for light?